Saturday, January 28, 2006
No Way!

My sister called us tonight and let us know of a late Christmas present! They got us Sabres tickets to the March 7th game! Buffalo Sabres vs. Boston Bruins!!! They got group rates and there are a bunch of us going. I am so excited I could pee my pants!!! I wont even tell ya how excited Dave is!

Stupid Head Pain!

UGH! I am not feeling too hot this morning! I got up when the alarm went off for my dh to head in for a meeting at work this morning. I wanted to take my metformin at the same time I do everyday. I usually get nasty headaches over the weekend because we dont get up as early as we do during the week. So I got up and drank a small glass of milk and took it. Normally I eat breakfast at 7:30 and then take it but I wanted to go back to bed. So when I woke up an hour later my head was pounding. I figured it was because I normally have eaten breakfast aready. So I got K up and made a scrambled egg and half a bagel. Hoping taht would do the trick! Nope. 30 minutes later my head was killing me, under my eyes was all puffy, it hurt to look outside at the sunny day we have here and my stomach was nautious. No people I am not pregnant. I havn't even ovulated yet this month. So I popped in a movie for Kaila, took some Tylenol and laid back down. I pulled all the covers over my head and keep the light out of my eyes. It sucked though cause I couldn't even fall asleep! So about an hour and a half later I got up, my stomach didnt hurt and I could look at light again. But my head is still killing me! UGH!

I have been exercising everyday still. Doing 1-2 miles with my WATP videos and then hopping on the Gazelle for 20 minutes usually doing 1.5 miles on there alone. But today I forced myself to do the 2 mile WATP and am refusing to get on the gazelle for now. I get so dizzy (just like getting off the tredmill) so I dont think it would be a good idea. I dont know if I had a migraine or if it was just a reaction to not eating a meal before I took my Met? It says on the bottle you can just take it with milk. I have before and had no problems.....

So now K and I are just waiting for dh to get home so we can get her registered for another summer of softball games!

Friday, January 27, 2006
Got this from Angie's sight.....

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Lindsy!

  1. The difference between Lindsy and a village is that Lindsy does not have a church!
  2. Over half of Americans are officially Lindsy.
  3. If you break Lindsy, you will get seven years of bad luck!
  4. Twenty-eight percent of Microsoft's employees are Lindsy.
  5. Devoid of her cells and proteins, Lindsy has the same chemical makeup as sea water.
  6. Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat Lindsy'.
  7. Japan provides over thirty percent of the world's Lindsy supply!
  8. Human beings are the only animals that copulate while facing Lindsy.
  9. In Ancient Egypt, people wore glittery eyeshadow made from the crushed shells of Lindsy!
  10. Lindsy kept at the window will keep vampires at bay.
I am interested in - do tell me about

Thursday, January 26, 2006
Epiphany...if ya wanna call it that....

So I wrote a dear friend of mine (a wise woman) today about my HSG results and how I was feeling about it all.....very confused and wondering what's up with my uterous and all that jazz?
She wrote back and reminded me that it takes women several months to get pregnant even when they do ovulate this got me thinking back to when we began trying to have a baby of our own.
July 5th, 2003......the night of our wedding. We went into it not knowing anything about TTC. I went off birth control at the end of 2001. I thought,"Hey all we have to do is have sex and we should be set." Wrong! Of course I knew the sperm had to unite with the egg but health class (and the fact that my mom was a baby making machine) put the fear of pregnancy in me so I just figured it would happen easy for me. When I finally had insurance July 2005 my OBGYN asked how much we were having sex? When we first started trying we were probably having it twice a week. Really I didnt know when I was ovulating. Or if I even was. So if we did happen to have it around then who knows? Then after awhile we both kinda just got depressed and sex wasn't as much fun anymore. It would be like...ok lets do it...oh yeah you are using me for that tonight...ok. So we kinda just became numb about it all. So by then we were lucky if we did anything once a week. Yeah I know hello ya need that to have a baby. So we basically we got lazy. I know we went through alot of pregnancy tests because sometimes it would take 2 months for "Aunt Flo" to rear her ugly face...meaning I was late so hey why not test? I didn't know that she coul also be late because of not ovulating.
So anywho the end of May 2005 was the last time I had a period come naturally (not induced by provera) when I had gone in to see my new OBGYN. Then when I didnt have it still in September he prescribed Provera (artificial progesterone) . Then I didnt get it after that so another round of Provera came to my rescue. Then my first round of Clomid in December made me ovulate and AF came on her own! Bingo made me see that I more than likely havn't been ovulating! I started using progesterone cream in Feb 05. So Feb-May AF came on her own (I kept track and it was coming at least every 40ish days-better than before).....but I stopped taking it in April because I ran out and it's pricey. But AF was coming on her own then! So that must have helped regulate me some and possibly help with ovualting who knows?
I started BBT again in July and have been since then. I also am back on the progesterone cream starting on day 12 of my cycel every month and stayiing on as soon as we get a positive pregnancy test.
My dear friend (the wise one I mentioned above) has been teaching me the ins and outs of BBT temping. I really wish I knew then what I know now. But we can't go back...just forward! But I am so excited because I can wipe my slate clean and realize that I have only had 1 missed month of not geting pregnant. I must have ovulated in May..but I didn't temp and I dont know if we timed intercourse right that month. Since July I only ovulated once. That was with clomid in December. We went a little crazy with the BDing and did that every day which could mean that his "specimen" wasn't fully developed. The OBGYN said that it needs at least 36 hours to be fully every other day would be anyones best bet. So I am going to stop stressing about how long we have been trying. Starting with last month! Now the doctor told me today that my fertility is higher that ever these next few months so that is in our favor! So as my OBGYN suggested we will be "baby dancing" every other day! now I just hope I ovulate without the clomid this month :0)

HSG Results

I just got back!
All went well and I was told there are no blockages. She said they only see major blockages so if there was anything small in the way the dye would have moved it. I know I ovulate on my right side (that's where it was last month and in the past) but I have'nt fealt anything that I remember in the left I am hoping whatever was keeping it came out with the dye.
As far as pain I fealt none. Just a little discomfort when the dye went in but other than that all went well.
I was kinda hoping that I was blocked and it would be easily now I am wondering why we havn't gotten pregnant? It's not dh's specimen and I am not blocked...I ovulated in May on my own and I ovulated last month....we also bd perfect timing last cycle..but we were bding every day so I am hoping it was just underdeveloped specimens that kept us from getting our bfp.
The doctor performing the HSG told me that these next few months my fertility rate should be up 30-35% so I am praying that we O and we get our bfp! So now we just wait to O!!! The doctor was so excited after the HSG she said," Now you and your hubby leave and go celebrate!" and!
So send us as much baby dust as you can muster these next few months!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To keep my mind off TTC , I have been focusing on exercising. I already have the eating part down. Just been doing my own thing with that. Been basically following Weight Watchers without counting points. I make sure I eat 5 portions of fruits and veggies a day. I cut out chips and pop. I got that from Angie...well the chips part-she drinks diet-but I hate the taste. Giving up pop wasn't too hard since I didnt grow up drinking it much. Only on pizza nights so that's really the only time I crave it. Plus it always has given me nasty hiccups and I dont miss those! So since I started Metformin (for the PCOS) in October and watching what I eat I have lost 16 pounds! Yay! But I am at a stand still!
So that's where I am throwing in more exercise into the mix. I have been doing Walk Away the pounds off and on. But since last Monday I do WATP everyday AND 20 minutes on our Gazelle! Yep it was a clothes rack in my bedroom for my dh for awhile now. So I re-arranged our living room and moved it out of the bedroom. So I see the darn thing everyday and jump on it and go! Watching TV while I am on it makes it go by so fast! The first few days I did it with Tony Littles videos that came with it but I was constantly looking at the timer on it wondering how much longer? But I know what to do from his videos now so I can go without listening and looking at him. So since then I have been steady. I only took off on Sunday. Which it's a big deal that I did it on Saturday since I dont like to do anything over the weekends. Since starting it last weekend I am getting farther on the Gazelle in 20 minutes. Starting I was only doing .80ish a mile but the last 2 days I have been doing 1.5 miles (plus the 1 mile for WATP) in 20 minutes on it. So my speed is picking up! Plus I am feeling muscles under this flab of mine! Yay!
I saw one of my many BIL's Sunday afternoon. I told him how I was thinking of going back to Weight Watchers meetings after he mentioned my sister had joined a gym. He looked at me and said, I can tell you are losing are doing so well on your own. Why go back?" Just hearing that someone can see that I am losing weight was wonderful...especially a guy! They dont even notice when you get a hair cut! So that was nice. But I think I am going to hold off with going back to the meetings for now. It is so boring going by yourself. Yes it can be motivating but it's no fun going all by yourself. It's better to have a buddy. So since I am doing well on my own (all meals this week are from my WW cookbook-planned ahead-plus exercising daily) I am going keep it up on my own. Just till i feel myself possibly slipping....then I will kick my dupa back in there!

Such a Worry Wart!

The Radiologist location I am getting my HSG done at on Thursday called today. I freaked out for a moment (saw it on the caller ID) thinking they were calling to re-schedule. But they were calling to pre-register me. Guess this will eliminate 1 of the lines I have to go through. But it's not the lines that are the's the second waiting room. ....last time I waited 1 hour and 20 minutes past my scheduled appointment! I thought they forgot about me! Then from there I had to wait in another waiting room! But that was only about 5-10 minutes. I plan on bringing a good book. Last time (my sonohysterography) Dave had to wait in the first waiting room (had to have a ride home for that one too) to keep Lauren entertained but she is off this time around so he will come with me...but he isnt coming in for theHSG. The rooms are so tiny he would be ucomfortable anyway.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My frined's sister in law passed away this morning of cancer. Originally it was uterin cancer but then it turned into anoter one. I cant rememeber the same of it but it's the one where it stays in your cells and moves to another area....
She has been in and out of the hosiptal for the last 6 months. Then right before Christmas she decided to go into hospice. she had a nurse come to her home everyday. This morning her temp went up and they gave her an ice bath to cool her but it didnt work...they rushed her to the hospital and at 8 am this morning she passed away.
June (I beleive she was late 30's) was an amazing woman and my friend was very very close with her. June left behind her husband, 6 y/o son Tristan, 14 y/o daughter Davina and 19 y/o son Randy.
Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers.

Monday, January 16, 2006

I am all scheduled for my HSG!! Thursday, January 26th @ 10 am!

A Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is a proceudre where they inject dye into your uterous which then goes into your tubes and out your ovaries ( if not blocked)....they basically are checking to see if my tubes are blocked.....
I am kinda hoping they are...(but clomid did allow me to ovulate this cycle so who knows?) from there they can unblock them and do ovarian drilling...which is what a woman on the boards I frequent had done (also had her uterous positioned right) and got a bfp on her first cycle afterwards that she was allowed to ttc.
The procedure is done to see if there are any abnormalties in the uterous, tubes and ovaries....but afterwards some have had an increase in fertility for a few months. So I am hoping that if I am not blocked that maybe I can get pregnant without clomid afterwards :0) We shall see!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I just heard from Angie...her mother passed away at 7pm tonight. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.......


Please pray for my friend Angie's mom today. Her mother has been battling cancer for years. She went in Hospice not too long ago....I got an email from her tonight while she was at hospice with her. She says she is in Her Final Stages and it not waking up anymore....please keep her in your prayers.

Catch me When I Fall

OK so we get home from church this morning and I step up to enter into our apartment and almost fall ! Our landlord is having an open house in the lower apartment and he took our rug that is on the floor inside the entrance. The floor is very slippery when it's cold or wet. So he has huge scrap pieces of carpetting there. OK yes they are his but come on!
When the cleaning lady came in November she put the one in the lower apartments entry way outside while she mopped. She never brought it back in so it was left out while it snowed. So this past week (it was warm out) I went outside and picked it up off the ground and underneath is was covered in mud and worms...ugh! So he took ours so none of the visitors fell on their dupas! But it's OK that my feet slid out from under me! Thank God Dave was behind me and caught me! Thank God I was the first one to walk into the house and not Kaila!
Yeah he had the door open to the apartment and heard me say (after being caught by Dave) "Where is our carpet!" So when Dave went by to go in the basement he came out and said, "Oh I borrowed that carpet for the afternoon." Dave said yeah we noticed......

She's Here with a Vengance!

OK she came on her own so I can't complain...but can't she be a bit nicer to me! I mean I sent her an invitation the least she could do is be nice!
OK Ok I am not complaining! I am happy with the cramps! At least they are cramps that came on their own! Yay!
OK so I read that they like to perform the HSG during days 7-10 of your cycle. So I am hoping that when I call to schedule they will be able to take me Monday, January 23rd that morning before my dh has to be at work by 1 pm. That would be day 8...if not then I really can't do it till Thursday January 26th......which would be day 11.... Hopefully they will work with me this time! Last month they weren't staffed enough! I really dont want to put it off another month...ugh!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I had to go potty and guess what I saw? Some pink with clots!!!! Yay!! Let hope this turns into a full flow and not just a little bit....I need a clean uterous for this HSG!! I have been really crampy since! I am so happy I am teary eyed! That means that I am finally getting af after not getting her since the end of May on my own! that also makes me wonder if I didnt ovulate since then...hmmmmmmm. hopfully this hsg shows us something...maybe I am blocked on one ovary. I mean I must not be blocked on both since I defiantely o-d this month on clomid. I am praying that it is just that i am blocked cause that they can do something about.....
This lady on our board has been trying for 2 years...she just had the hsg done and they drilled her she had a tilted uterous and they fixed that. She got a bfp on her first cycle after the surgey! Yay!!Givbes me hope for this HSG!
Now I just wonder why my egg didnt conceive this cycle...hmmm. I did wonder if we baby danced too much....the doc said every other day and we did it every day.....I heard that the sperm need at least 36 we plan on only every other day after af leaved the building. Ah well I wont think about that today...I'll be like Scarlet and think about it tomorrow....

Off Topic: Fuming right now!!!

I am so angry right now I could probably chew on bolts!!
Ok you guys rememeber back in September how my husband was asked to come back to his old job (where they let him go to hire a new Operations Manager at a cheaper rate to cut costs) because the guy they hired screwed up over that year and they needed my dh to come back and help finish up orders and close the place down. They decided to ship everything directly from their Tornoto branch. So anywho my husband was brought back and told he would get 2 weeks notice before they close up. They announced that they definately would be closing by the end of the year. So my dh asked if this was his notice? They said no because they were going to need him to come back in an clean during the week so they could get their security deposit back from the warehouse. They said wait we will give you an exact date of when your last day will be and we will make sure it's a 2 week notice. Well they gave him his 2 week notice on December 29th...meaning his last day would be Jan 14th. But they wanted the warehouse all packed up and shipped off by the 8th. My dh said well that is only 1 week notice then. The owner said yes but I will pay you for the 2 weeks. My dh asked him on the 7th about it again making sure he was getting paid for that following week? One of the managers from their Tornoto Branch was here helping him ship everything out and he was on the phone with one of the owners and he relayed Dave's question and he said yes you definately will get it and I will make sure Morily knows (their accountant who does the payroll-this guy hates my dh and has been screwing with his checks since he came back).

So you might have guess it...we got his direct depoosit paystub in the mail ( which normally comes on Thursday but was late-we think Morily called it in late on purpose so Dave couldnt call them on Friday and have to wait the whole weeekend) and it was only for 1 week!
Now we are fuming cause either:
1). His boss forgot to tell Morilly
2). Morilly talked the other owner into not letting him have the extra week even though he was promised a 2 week notice (this happened before when the owner said he would get paid for a 2 day hunting vacation my dh took..but they said he couldnt get paid for it after the fact. he wouldnt have gone for 2 days had he known in advance-he let them know 2 weeks in advance so they should have told him before hand).
3). Morilly just decided he was going to pretend he forgot (has done this before).

The thing is that last week my dh was there he is only supposed to work 8-5pm. He was there everyday till 8pm and one night till 1o pm making sure everything was packed up and orders were ready to be shipped techincally he cuuld have turned in his hours if they were only going to pay him for that one week! That's why he asked if he was going to get paid for the second week cause then he would be getting his normal salary anyway and that is more than hourly.
I dont care about what just upsets me because there is a possibility his boss didnt talk this over with the board first and never let Dave know this week that they denied it before we got his check. It's just so disappointing when you have an exact numbe rin mind and less is there in the end.
We have a ton of bills I was going to pay with that check ahead of time. Yes the check we got covers it but now we wont have that extra money for our comfort zone. My dh's old job (the job he was at when they begged him to come back-he started back on Monday) pay half of what he was making at the warehouse. I was hoping to have that money as back up so I can rest better at night! UGH I am so mad!
Please pray that his boss just forgot to let Morilly know and we get this taken care of by Tuesday. ...
They are hoping to get this place back up and running in 6 months and they want my dh to come back....hahahah! I would rather him make less at his job now than wonder how much will be in his check every week....ever since he went back this guy who does payrol has been messing with him.....

Well I have togo comfort my hubbgy. he is so let down by his boss it doesnt help that i got upset when I saw that. I was yelling not at his boss. But he takes it as me being upset with him even though am not...I wasnt even in the room with him when I was yelling...but I get the same way with him so I need to go cuddle with him...

Temp dropping...

Temp went below the coverline and I tested as planned.....bfn. OK so please af come please come!

Friday, January 13, 2006

I am so crampy tonight I could cry...yes a pinaful but haoppy that it's a sign that af might come on her own!!!

Temp dropped to coverline today..

OK my temp really dropped! Now I just want to keep my fingers crossed that AF wil come on her own!!!! I know it's sily but I really don't want to have to take provera!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006
14 dpo...

So I tested today at 14dpo....bif fat negative! So I myself know I am temp dropped a bit. Not below my coverline on my chart but enough to know it will keep droping.
Thing is I am not sad. OK yes I was almost in tears when I went into see my dh...but he hugged me and was very positive about the upcoming next cycle. Plus I o-d!!!! So on to the next cycle. The plan of attack is as follows: test again Saturday, if af doesn't arrive by next Sunday call obgybn for blood test. I dont want to take provera if there is a slight possibility I am....that would be so sad. The from the date I get AF I will cal to schedule my HSG...this month I will be off from clomid and hope that the hsg helps me O onmy own. If not the next cycle will be a clomid one.
I also am planning on heading back into WW...they are free registration right now so I want to get my boody in there! I have been doing great onmy own but hey why not? trying to get my mom to make it a Wedneday night so we can have our Saturday mornings to relax......

Monday, January 09, 2006
Crappy Cramps-TMI

So I have been thinking af might be on her way all day today. This afternoon I had some cramping.....But I also have had loose bowl movements since Saturday. So I dont know if they are poopy cramps or not. They feel the same.
So I just got an im from a friend who we went to Olive Garden with for her husbands birthday on Friday. Her, another male friend and I all got Chicken Marsala with a side of noodles. It looked really daerker than normal and was very thick, string and salty. Then the waitress brought us all more sauce because they didnt put any on our noodles...this was lighter, thinner and less salty...we figured the other stuff was older.
She just asked me if we were sick on Saturday....I said no not really. Then she said lucky you Greg and I have been feeling icky...we thought you might be too because we all had the same thing. I said well i have had loose bms. She said yes that's exactley what we have!
I just thought it was because I took my metformin late those 2 days... ad then I still take it at the same time at night causeing me to have more than normal for a couple hours. That seems to be what happens to me when I do......but the gassy cramping is I am hoping that these cramps are that and not af trying to be an unwelcomed guest!

Time to clean!!!

Here I am looking like I am ready to go rob a! Last night I asked my dh to find me one of his masks he had for sars was going around in Toronto. His workplace received orders from there so they had to wear them. But he couldnt find them. I am so sick of inhaling the nasty smells from bathroom cleaner! I fifured it's not good to inhale either. So here I was all dolled up with my pretty bandana to attack the nastyness that builds up in there over a week of time. I am not sure how well it kept the chemicals away from me but I didnt smell them. Also when I breathed my glasses would steam! So I thought I would share this cause when i saw it I sure had a good!

Sunday, January 08, 2006
Second Shift!

Well this mornign I woke up at 6am and my bladder was I temped an hour and a half earlier. A firned of mine advised me that you are supposed to add 1/10th to each half hour if you test earlier than normal. So if I did it right I was 98.6!! Yesterday I was 98.4! So I am having a second thermal shift after implantation! OK this waiting game is getting harder!

Saturday, January 07, 2006
I like to torture Myself...

So before I posted the previous post I did something dumb! Well just too early. Dave actually came in and wanted me to explain my chart to him. So after explaining that after you have implantation hcg starts being produced he suggested testing....The last time I had tinkled was at 4 am so I figured this would be my fmu. So I caved in and did it...hey after you saw his face and the glee you would too! Bad was a bfn. Actually it was a digital one and it said "not pregnant"...even worse to see!
A frined reminded me that I just implanted yetserday so there is no way there would be enough to give a bfp yet. So I hid the last test I have for next weekend. I might still just hold off till 17 dpo like FF says I should. I think if I test next weekend I will still worry it's too early and have hope. But really wehould be OK.

Implantation Dip!!!

Yay I have been hoping this would show up on my chart! I heard that it is very common that it doesnt always show up on your chart but it sure helps ease worries during the 2 week wait! For those of you that dont know what I am talking about I will explain. First you ovulate and the sperm meets with the egg ...then your fertilized egg has to travel to the uterous. That could take from 7-10 days past ovulation. When the egg does get to your uterous it will implants itself into your uterous cause an estrogen surge, causeing your temp to go down, possible crammping and spotting. This is when you start producing more progesterone (to thicken your lining) and hcg. Causeing your temp to rise and your temps might even be higher than what they were after ovulation.....causing yet again, another thermal shift on your temping chart....

Sunday, January 01, 2006
Got my coverline!!

So Fertility Friend gave me my coverline today. Meaning I ovulated!!! In order for them to give it you have to have a drop in your temp and 3 days of temps afterwards with a raise in temps higher than your previous 6 temps! I kinda had a feeling I o-d since for the first time ever I saw EWCM. Now I have thought in the past that I had it but there is no way I did have what I just had on the 28th and 29th! I am not supposed to test till 16-18 days past ovu;ation since ff cant determine how long my leutal phase is! It's so exciting that the clomid worked! According to FF we timed our baby dancing perfectly. So pray this is our month! We could have a September 2006 baby of our own! Keep us in your prayers....these next few weeks are going to be so hard!

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