Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Interview Set!!!!!!!!

Well Dave has his interview next Tuesday!
You should have seen the detailed online application he had to fill out! Took him 30 minutes!
Hopefully it all pays off!
Now he will be nervous till next week...he wants this so bad! The recruiter said she sees no reason why he wouldn' get it. But he wont believe till they say either. Too many disappointments over these past 2 years.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
A possible job!

Dave had a job recruiter call him yesterday when she found his reseme online. She emailed him the job position and a survey for him to do if he was interested. It was basically questions they normally ask in an why do you want to work for us? What are you goals working here? How can working here get you to your goals? How much do you want for this position? Stuff like that. Then today she called back and said he is definately qualified and in the range of payscale that they are offering. Then she called later and conducted a phone interview. Sounded like basics about where he was now and what he did in the past in the warehousing industry. Which is what he wants to get back into. Which is another reason why she likes his reseme cause he already knows the shop talk. So she said he passed that so now she is supposed to set up an in person interview with the hiring manager. I guess she has gotten this far with a few people but when she sets up the interview they don't show up. Dave is all excited about this job. He used to be one of their customers when he worked at Gforce. He'd be working in customer service and collections. Plus this job he would be making $5 more an hour! PLUS its only a 3 minute drive...he was laughing and saying he could ride his bike to work when the weather allows it. Those of you that know where we lived when we got married ...he would have had a 5 minute walk to it from there.
So keep us in your prayers and all your fingers and toes crossed! I have not seen him this excited since Gertex called him back.....

Sunday, April 23, 2006
A Song I could have written....

A friend of mine posted this today and I had to's like the words came right from my mind!

Thought you'd be here by Wes King

We thought you'd be here by now
Your mother and I
We're praying through our tears that somehow
We might hear your sweet cry
Have we waited too long
It's getting harder to be strong
Is there something we've done wrong

But if you like dancing
I'll make it rain rhythm and rhyme and melodies, child
And if you like dreaming
Your mother will make your imagination run wild
Somehow, we thought you'd be here by now

We have a room just for you upstairs
It's right down the hall
So we'll be close should you ever get scared
We'll come when you call
It's a room full of stories
Waiting to be told
Longing to behold

And if you like laughing
I'll plaint you a circus of smiles and ferris wheels, dear
And if you like livingY
our mother will fly you to worlds both far and near
Somehow . . .
I never knew the silence could make me so deaf

I never knew I could miss someone
I've never met
Miss someone I haven't met yet
We'll be waiting

Monday, April 17, 2006
Sister's 6 month Belly!

Here is a pic I tookof my sister Saturday at 6 months pregnant ! She's all baby! She thinks she's all booty...I say phooey!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Not much been going on to make any posts.....
But here is a nice pic of Kaila from her Science Fair! She got a gold ribbon on her project! Her hypothesis was: Which will go bad faster? A potato in light or in dark? She came up with that one on her own! We walked around and she was the only one who did that. There were many repeats that day.

Then he got a good one of her dying eggs on I still dont have Christmas things up (table cloth) but last year they got dye all over the table and it took forever for me to get it out of the!

Dave decided he wanted to be in charge of the camera on Easter...I told him that's fine just make sure you get some good ones of Kaila cause I want to make a digital scrabook page....
Here are some pics from the day!

My handsome nephews:

He took pics of his dads they are lovely instruments but why did we need 3 of each? It's not like they can run away and ruin the pic.

Here is one of the 4 pics he took of my right butt cheek. Thanks Hun! Now I guess I should be flattered that he likes my butt this much but why four? Maybe he was watching to see if it got bigger while I ate chocolate all day?

Jelly bean jar at my moms:

Now here are the beautiful pics he took of our daughter...drum role please:

Yep you guessed it...I am in charge of the camera next time.

But I guess I should be grateful that he did give me some to work with...this is what I came up with:

Thursday, April 06, 2006
A quiz to break the Silence....

What is your biggest pet peeve?
You hate stupid people!

You hate the people who always say vapid things at the most inopportune times. The one’s who are always above you at work, although they know nothing about anything. Damn those stupid people.

Take this quiz at

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