Sunday, October 22, 2006
The Buffalo, NY October Storm

I don't know if any of you have seen it on the News but where I live Mother Nature pounded us with 22 inches of snow starting in the afternoon of Thursday, October 12- early morning Friday the 13th.
I posted a video of it below when it started. This is what I saw later that day. I am laughing right now because Lauren wanted to go out and play in the snow when she saw it and I told her it wouldn't stick this early in the did!
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All through the night we heard cracking and our electricity was going in and out. My husband went out around 11:30 pm because the sky was lighting up green, blue and red. Later we found out that was the transmitters blowing up. Plus we realized that cracking was the branches of trees breaking off. One of the trees in the back yard had fallen over completely! My van was near a big tree and hje wanted ot make sure it wouldnt fall on my van.
Here is what he saw:
It's earlier than it ever has snowed so we still had our grill out, firepit, sand and water table, Umbrella tables (thank God we had brought in the umbrellas already) chairs, and hanging plants. Those branches you see there are all down oin the ground now.

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Around 1 am I got up because I was freezing...the power was heat.

Here is what we finally woke up to that Friday morning. That's my van. There is 22 inches of snow!
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The backyard:
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This is hte little girl downstairs taking a break after making a trail down the driveway:

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Our mailboxes after the snow melted a little and the kids shoveled them out. The snow plows knocked them over:
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These pictures are nothing compared to the damage I have seen driving aorund.

Our yard now:
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That's only about and 1/8th of the branches that need to be brought up from the backyard. All you see driving down the street are branches piled high in front of their houses.
We were lucky we got our power back on by Saturday evening so only 2 days out. There still are some (11 days later) that still are without power. The weight of the wet snow on the electric lines brought many power lines down. Many have trees through their roofs and windows.
My mil and fil have a lot of things to replace in their home. The transmitter on their house sent a surge into hteir house before the power went off. Anything that was plugged in fried..........
We are very lucky that many places around the US sent many people to come help with all this! Thank you!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006
It too Early!!!!

OK so I was watching Elmo in Grouchland with Lauren on the couch just now....all of a sudden Lauren looks at me and says, "You do know it's snowing outside, don't you?" I look up and there it is....snow!
Just because I didnt believe it myself I decided to take a video. This is just way too early for snow!

Thursday, October 12, 2006
It's snowing!!!

I do remember when I was younger taking the kids I babysat for trick or treating with a little bit of snow on the ground. But geesh I am so not ready for this....last year I didnt have to turn my heat on till mid November. That was with no tenants downstairs too! It's 36F outside right now and 68 in my house. If it gets lower than 62 the heat will come on.....

Monday, October 09, 2006
Not much to report...

Sorry I havnt posted much lately. Havnt had anything earth shattering to share. At least not in the TTC adventure.
We did a round of clomid this cycle with no luck. So with it being cd 44 on Friday I tested (as told my obgyn) and started the prometrium Friday night. So far the prometrium is defiantly much better on me than the provera....but usually the provera mood sets in by day 4 so we shall see where today takes! Better not!
If all goes as it does with provera af should show by 10/19....yay! I ahvnt decided yet if I am going to skip a month of clomid (as my obgyn said we could) or keep going. I have 2 weeks to figure that out......

Ladiebug Lane

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