Friday, September 30, 2005

I took my last dose of Provera on Tuesday. Thank God! I was starting to get really tired all the time. As of yesterday I got my energy back. As of right now there is no sign of PMS or Aunt Flo arriving. Don't know when it will but I stilll have hopes she will shine.
I plan on calling my OBGYN on Tuesday to set up my appointment to get on we shall see how it goes from there.....

Monday, September 26, 2005
What's Up?

Sorry I havn't been posting much. This provera is knocking me on my dupa! The last 4 days all I wanna do, whenever I have free time, is sleep. I have been going to bed asap. I actually just took a nap while Lauren was napping! Ugh I only have 2 doses left so hopfully after it gets out of my system I will get my energy back!
Not much news to tell. We did go see Flighplan this weekend. I enjoyed it. I liked the twist in the end
Tonight we have a birthday party and Wednesday night Dave spends the night at the sleep clinic. Wooo who! I get the bed to my!
Oh and since we have been back from camping our digital camera has been MIA. Yep you read that right. Dave had it with him where ever he went. He wouldn't even let me take it to snap a picture. When he packed it up I even said, "Why bring it? We have over 1000 pictures of Letchworth already." So I have no clue where it is...I only rememeber seeing it when he refused to let me have it to take a picture. After that I have no memory of it. Dave swears he remembers bringing it in the house. But we tore this place up last night looking for it.....Then he even tried saying I put it somewhere! Whenever he leaves it lying around here I always put it back in its bag behind the's not there.

Thursday, September 22, 2005
Almost done!

Only 6 more doese left of Provera. Yeah!!!! Keep me in your prayers this works and AF shines! Then we can get back to TTC!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2005
Down it Goes...

My first dose of Provera went down the hatch at 7:30 pm...I soon will be a big ball of raging hormones! My poor hubby.

Thursday, September 15, 2005
Basel Body Temping

I decided to start charting my Basel Body Temp. Most peopl already know the feeling when they are ovulating. I never really paid attention. So I am hoping this will make me pay more attention when I am and get to know my body more.
So I have a chart with
Fertility Friends. I started charting a long time ago but I always forgot to temp before I got up. Temping after you get up throws your temps off so you HAVE to do it before you even have your first morning tinkle. I always think of going potty first. I am working on that.
My chart is kinda messed up at the moment. With the spotting after my procedure last week it made my chart think I had AF. I mentioned it to Dr. F and he said it's more likley from that. So this months chart is more of a practice chart and to get myself ready for when provera forces me to get AF. Then from there I will be able to see if I ovulate in my next cycle. So for now I am getting myself use to emping before moving around.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I have PCOS

It's official. The doctor called and said I have the 3 worst symptom: facial hair growth, irregular/lack of AF and most weight gain is in my mid section. There waqs nothing in the blood work or either of the sonograms. So he diagnosed me (which is very common) by my symptoms alone.
The Sonohysterography didn't show anything other than having the polyps. He isn't worried about them at all being in the way of me getting pregnant. He said they have more of a tendancy to cause miscarriages but the stage I am at with them there is no need to remove them right now. When I am older I will have to have them removed. Right now my problem is conceiving. So after I go through my bout with Provera he will be prescribing Metformin. This will help regulate my insulin levels (which is one of the main problems with being overweight with PCOS) and hopfully make me get regular cycles and get me to O. He is giving it 6 months and if that doesnt get me anywhere he is referring me to a specialist.
I really hope that the fact that I am working much harder at losing weight, the Provera and the Metformin does it for me. Heck I pray that after the Provera does it's work that I will ovulate and get pregant. Gotta keep positive!!! But I can't help wondering everyday,"Why me?"
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Provera it is!

When Dr. Farkash saw (on my paper work from my Sonohysterography) that I hadn't had my AF since May he had the nurse practitioner call me today. She said she was calling me in a prescription for Provera and that Dr. Farkash would be calling me back after he looked over my results. I told her that I have been bleeding since the procedure but it's like spotting. She said to take the Provera for 10 days and then AF should come. We shall see! I am picking my prescription up tonight. Cross your fingers this works.

Friday, September 09, 2005
Feeling Much better today!

I am feeling much better today!
Last night about 9 pm I tried getting up from the couch (after watching Big Brother 6 for an hour) and boy did that hurt! I didnt realize how many muscles are around your cervix that you used in your daily movements. Dave went and got me some Tylenol and I was good in about 30 minutes.
Then about 4 am I went to turn in my sleep and same thing! UGH! From there I wobbled to the bathroom and took some more. But I couldnt fall back to sleep! The voices were telling me what I have to get done this weekend! I finally drifted off and then it was 7 am and the voices from channel 7 news were on.
But good thing is I can move around w/o that sharp pain! I am a tad bit sore but moving through it. Just taking a break from chores that I want to get done so I can relax the rest of the weekend

Thursday, September 08, 2005
Sonohysterography and Endometrial Polyps

So I had my Sonohysterography done today. I was waiting in the waiting room for an hour! I guess the doctors were behind.
So anywho I get in there and she does another Pelvic Sonogram. Then from there another doctor comes in to do the sonohysterography part. She inserts this speculum , that opens up so she can see my cervix. Through the speculum she inserts a catheder and every time she does my cervix pushed away from it. So she has to grab at it, which means pinching it! They both were looking at me worried for me. It did hurt! But I just focused on the ceiling and opened my eyes wider.Then she inserted the catheder again.Then she let go of my cervix and phewf was that a relief. Then she was able to release the saline into my uterous. At the same time, a transvaginal ultrasound is being performed. From there they took tons of pictures and pointed things out to each other. Then when she pulled everything out boy I had some really bad cramps! I never had cramps like these before! Even when AF comes to town!
So from there she tells me I am awsome cause I didn't scream when she had to pinch my cervix. I guess that's what normally happens. Then she tells me I have 2
Polyps. I asked her what they were and she said extra tissue growing on my uterine wall. She said she will give the diagnosis to my OBGYN and he will let me know what will be done from there. She said all doctors have different ways of dealing with them. She wasn't sure if he would have them removed or not......
Of course I came right home and looked them up. It looks, from what I have been reading, this could be the cause of why I am not pregnant. But it doesnt look like it could be the cause of what is keeping AF from coming to town.
From what I have read it causes spotting in between AF, after intercourse and heavy bleeding during. Polyps causes these symptoms because they dangle from their stalks and irritate the surrounding tissue, which causes the tissue to rub off, exposing tiny
blood vessels. These blood vessels bleed, leading to spotting or vaginal bleeding. If the polyp interferes with the egg and sperm, it may make it hard to get pregnant. So I have no idea if this is what's causing AF to be MIA or if I have PCOS too?
I just wait till my doctor calls me. They said the diagnosis will be called in sometime today but he is not at my location today. So unless the nurse practitioner calls me I wont hear anything till Tuesday. But I need to keep my chin up and not worry!

Ladiebug Lane

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