Friday, December 30, 2005
So stressed I could cry! I don't wanna move again!

I just got something dumped in my lap this moirning and it's the last thing I need! We were just given notice that our landlord has not paid on these 2 houses in 60 days. Menaing the bank might forclose on his morgage!
Let me give you a littlke bit about what we have been going through......after my husband lost his job in '03 we moved from an apartment we loved to one that was $125 less. We actually loved this new was closer to both of our families and a good school district. We paid to rent the place out a month before we could move in so we could slowly move in our belongings. So the weekend we are finally in we get a call from a realitor asking to show the place. There was no mention when we viewed it that it was for sale. There was no for sale sign anywhere. We called the landlord asking what was up but he never returned our calls. We looked into our rights as tenants to see what we could do if the house sold because we just moved in! The realitors office told us that when and if someone buys it, because we just moved in, we could fight it and make them give us 3 months to move out. Well gee thats there only 3 months and have to move again! So weekly we were being called to let them come in and see the place. They werent allowed to view unless we were there to open the doors. This went on for 5 months and then someone bought it...our landlord told us we werent going to be evicted..that the new owners wanted the upper. Well he lied...he just wanted the last months rent that he wasnt even entitled too! He didnt even own the house anymore! But we didnt know. So we got an eviction letter to be out on 30 days. We could have still fought it but we still wouldnt feel at home hile we looked. So that's when we found this place. Kaila had to change schools but it's a even better school district. This apartment is bigger, newer (this place 10 years old, our other place was at least 30 years old, had old windows and the gas bills were crazy) and a huge fenced in yeard! We love this place! We picked here because we thought we would have security. The landlord promised he wouldnt be selling ever. He said he owned them. I didnt know that meant he was paying a morgage..or whatever you pay when you built them yourself with your company. So the lady who had to let me know what's up said he is behind 60 days in payment and has to go to court. and make payment in full and fees. If he doesnt she said we could be evicted or the bank will be our landlord. That wouldnt last long because these houses are beautiful and would sell fats in this area. The landlord just built this huge 2 car garage (for his business) behind his house (next door) with a loft above it, running water and electric. I dont think he wants to go anywhere either.......but if he cant make the payment in full who knows? It's just really disappointing because I do not want to move. My dh and I decided this would be where we lived till we could buy a home in 5 years. It's bigger than my friends house! We love it here! UGH!
Pray that my landlord can do this and when and if it he does, our rent isnt raised after our lease is up.....

Thursday, December 29, 2005

DH and I received tickets fro Christmas to see TSO last night! I highly recomend going to see them if you can get tickets when they are ever in your area! It was a wonderful show and I didnt want it to end!
The light show, fire works, and music all make it a wonderful display! The first hour they played, sang many from their new release (which I want now) The Lost Christmas Eve.
They played many afterwards from their other cds and all were amazing. I found out the pianist is from here! They had these ladies on the stage that were the background for some of the songs...they were flipping their hair everywhere...that was a little cheesy but was entertaining!
I wish I could have seen it before definately put me back in the mood! Guess I'll be super jolly for New!

Sunday, December 25, 2005
It's Finally Here!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

All is well on the clomid front. 1 more day left! Just been bding like the doctor said to. No compaints there!
have been getting the hot flashes though! Most of the time during the night though. I got caught by my hubby alrady standing in front of an open bedroom wondow while it was in the teens outside! It fealt great though!
On Sunday we were at the store and I fealt a pinching feeling. Not sure if it was ovualtion pain but who knows? Kinda early in my cycle (day 6) to be that though. I felt that pain again last night....
Dave got me a month of Fertiltiy Friend's VIP subscription. He offered 3 months but I am hoping I'll only need 1 month!
So keep us in yout prayers and fingerd and toes crossed that we Ovulate and my hubby's little guys do their job!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

I just found out they actually made a musical about infertility! One of the ladies on the boards I frequent pointed it out.
It ends the end oif this month. You have to listen to a clip of one of the songs from it. I could have written it myself..... Listen here.

Friday, December 16, 2005
Aunt Flo is so mean!

UGh I have been wanting her to arrive but she is being so nasty today! Making me have cramps like you wouldnt believe! Then I have the worst mood swings! One minutes I am happy, with in seconds crying and the next I want to scream! I wont even tell you how much my BB's! I just wish she would finish up!
So tomorrow I start clomid. Tonight we got and look for the femglide my obgyn recomended. That is if the weather allows it!
We have a Lake Affect snow wanring till 1 am Sunday. Let me tell ya it really is icky here. We had an ice storm last night. Kaila could have ice skated to the bus on our driveway last night! Now it's snowing bad!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005
The Master Plan!

So the plan is that I will be starting my first round of clomid starting Saturday (day 5-9). I originally wasn't going to start Clomid till January but I called today and they can't get me in during the time they would need to. They are already double booked (at all 3 locations) so I will have to wait till next cycle.
I was upset at first (this is the same thing they told me for my Sonohysterography) but if I get pregnant this round then no HSG will be needed! That's my motivation. I also have read that clomid can dry up your cervical mucus (which is needed so the sperm can swim in it to get to the egg) so I will be investing in Femglid which I hear can be puchased at CVS. They use this in IVF procedures so it must be good. There also is Pre-Seed but that stuff is quite pricey for the little bit they give you. So the doc said to BD (baby dance) evey other day from the day I start clomid.Image hosted by

So my daily intake will be as follows, for five days, starting Saturday:
After breakfast: 500mg metformin; 100mg clomid
After Lunch: Folic Acid; Multi vitamin
After PM snack: 500mg metformin

Please pray that this is our miracle drug!!!
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She's here, She's here!!!

The evil witch has landed! And boy is she mean! So on top of having the crappiest cold Aunt Flo has finally come for a visit after being MIA for 72 days! And boy is she here with a vengance! I drank chocolate soy milk all last week hopeing I wouldnt get the bad cramps provera gave me last time she was here. But guess that trick didnt work...unless they would be worse? Ah what can I exepct after not having it for 72 days?

Monday, December 12, 2005
Sick and all the other stuffiness.....

So I mentioned having a burning throat...well now my nose is constantly leaking! Ya know what? My husband took 3 boxes of tissues to work! I bought a 3 pack and he took all 3 to work! Why? It's only him! So my side kick today is a roll of toilet paper. On top of all this my ears are killing me. Plus there is nothing in the house except pain reliever, 2 sudafed and vicks. I plan on saving the sudafed so Ic an sleep tonight. The Vicks would be great if it all was in my chest. I put some behind my ears so hopefully that will help drain it.
Since my ears are all packed I can't hear so I ask, "huh?" alot. My throat is messed so they ask, "Huh?" alot causing me to repeat myself which doesn't feel good to talk as it is! Oh man can't I just go back to bed? Nope....and when I start feeling better he will get sick and be such a big ol baby about it! I myself made home made potato soup and an apple pie for dinner today....when he gets sick the world will end and he'll lay in I'll feel sorry or just want him to be happy so I'll take care of him. Then Kaila will get sick during Christmas's been like this since she started school....ugh!

Sunday, December 11, 2005
Icky Sicky!

UGH!! My throat was really scratchy this afternoon. Now it just burns. It's so weird how I get this the same time every year. We always end up doing our last minute Christmas shopping while I am sick!

Saturday, December 10, 2005
It felt Nice!

My little sister was over tonight with her bf. They were going to be hanging pictures and needed to borrow my husbands stud finder :0) Everyone always gets a kick out of it to see if they are a!
I was standing in the living room while they all were talking and she just kept staring at me...then she interupted the men and said, "Linny you really need to buy some new clothes! Look at you they are falling off! You can't get skinnier than me!" Then her bf said,"Yeah I noticed too!"
That made me feel so awsome! My little sister isnt one to point things out like that. She's usually too busy staring at her! Plus hearing it from someone other than your husband makes you feel much better. I know I should like hearing it from him but the times that he points it out is when I am fed up with finding all his socks from the week next to his side of the bed. He always has noticed things when I am upset....but at that moment it just sounds like him kissing up to calm me down. But that is when he usually is staring at me in shock for getting upset with something, to him, is minimal.
I do really need to get new clothes. My jeans are petite size (for length) and they are all bunched up around my ankles because they are hanging lower. I have gone to the stores to try new ones on but because of the tire around my mid section (one of the crappy things that come with PCOS) I cant go down in a size. My shirts and stuff....I could get a few new ones but they sell them so short now and I still need to hide the tire bump in my jeans. That area just seems like a never ending battle!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Provera Popping Update!

So I am popping the 9th of 10 pills tonight. After the 10th we wait for that mean old hag Aunt Flo to get her butt here! I am hoping that she will show her ugky face no later than Monday! Do ya hear me you meanie?? Youhave been on vacation long enough! It's been 67 days! Come on ya slacker!!!

Quizz Time!

I know I probably dont have many readers but number 21 made me post this so i can get answers so here it goes....
I wanna know 21 things about you. Fill all the blanks ... leave no question unanswered! ANSWER IT AND SEND IT TO ME (REPLY) THEN COPY AND REPOST IT FOR YOURSELF!1.Your Full Name:--->
2. Age:--->
3. Favorite Color?--->
4. Favorite Movie:--->
5. Favorite Song:--->
6. Favorite Band:--->
7. Most Embarassing Moment:--->
8. Are you a virgin?--->
HERE COMES THE FUN ... ... ...
1. Are we friends?--->
2. Do you have a crush on me/are you attracted to me?--->
3. Would you kiss me?--->
6. Would you ever ask me out or go out with me if I asked you?--->
8. Tell me one odd/intresting fact about you:--->
9. Would you take care of me when I'm sick?--->
10. Do you want to tell me something that you couldn't before?--->
11. have you heard any rumors of me lately?--->
12. Do you/have you talk(ed) crap about me?--->
13. Do you think I'm a good person?--->
14. Would you let me sleep with you (in the same bed)?--->
15. Do you think I'm attractive?--->
16. Are there ever times when you want to call me but don't?--->
17. Would you ever listen to my problems even if they don't involve you?--->
18. If you could change anything about me, would you? what would it be?--->
20.Would you come over for no reason just to hang out?--->
21. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?--->

Sunday, December 04, 2005
I am so new at this!

Well the above header pic is my first accomplishement with PSP 9. Yes it may not look like much to those who are pros but I am poud of my little image. Don;t ask me to do it again though cause I havnt a clue how I did! I even embeded a watermark into it so it cant be printed...don;t know why but it was an option so I did!
I hope in time while I tinker around with it I can do the black and white images and bring out color of certain objects in the picture. Until then you all will have to deal with things like above....LOL!

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