Friday, June 30, 2006
Did somoene say Tornado?

A tornado touched down about 5 minutes from our house today! Plus we had golf ball sized hail! It chipped paint off the front of our mini van! Plus my poor poor flowers look all banged up!
You can read about it here:
Right before it was here.....the temp dropped from 78 to 56 in a few minutes!
It doesn't say anything about how it hovered over a restaurant down the street and took off tops of the trees and their sign off the building. Plus the hospice behind the business park, in that area, had a lot of damage to the area. They had tons of ambulances and fire trucks in there. Traffic was backed up in front of my house for hours afterwards.
It rained so much the solar cover on our pool is flooded into the pool and our pool is over flowing. The hail was crazy! First it came down kinda small. Then about 10 mintes later it was huge! We had windows open and it was so loud we were yelling to each other from the noise of it hitting the opened crank windows and air conditioners. Lauren and Kaila were laughing nervously at the really loud thunder and bolts of lightening.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006
Our TTC Plan

Well I got all my appointments set up. I have my Annual Pap for the end of July and my Physical with my Primary a few days later. I also set up Dave's while I had them on the phone.
I had to take a pregnancy test today. It's cd 54 and I have not ovualted so I figured 2 months have gone by it's time to start the provera. But as instructed by my doctor (and advice from friends going through the same TTC situations) I always take a test before I start since if there were a possiblity that I was, I wouldnt hurt the baby. So of course (but still was hoping my body was going against everything I know) it was a BFN. Ah well one can hope. So down went pill 1 (of 10) of provera. With my previous experiences with this I usually get AF 4 days after the last pill. So I plan on taking clomid day 5-9 of this cycle. This will be my second round. I plan on taking clomid the next cycle too. I have my annual on July 27th...which will be (depending on when af shines after the provera) cd 17....that's when I ovulated last round so I dont know if I will have to cancel my annual if I do ovulate that day? I dont want to hurt any chances. I know all they do is scrape the cervix.....I guess I can let them know that morning. I need to get in there for my prescriptions for more metformin, clomid and provera. I also plan on asking to be tested for diabetes and my thyroid. I have a physical with my primary so if the obgyn won't, I know he will. The last time my thyroid was tested was in 2002...I never asked for my T count. I didn't know anything about it then. This time I will get them. I had no idea that they could be wrong for TTC.
It feels good to have a plan though. The last few months I havn't really been thinking about TTC much. Been doing what has to be done and temping. Now I feel like I let that time go by and I won't get it back. I never became a ttc-zilla or anything like that. But I am upset that I didn't get the clomid and at least give it a try. I took that in December and that is the only month I had a normal 1 month cycle. Every since AF came when I was a teenager it went from 2-6 months of her showing. I believe that if I would have taken the clomid 3 months in a row like he asked I would have ovulated earlier like a normal person. But I was so set on ovulating on my own after the HSG. Which I did but it was way late in the cycle. I have my plan in motion and am not swaying from it this time.

Saturday, June 24, 2006
All Better

Well the hydrocortisone did the trick. The itchies were gone as soon as it made contact and all the bumps are gone this morning. It actually got worse before it got better on my right top was so weird and I still have no idea why it happened. Ah well I am off to shower before Kaila's softball game!

I haven't A Clue

So Dave and I have been sitting here watching all Season One of Big Love. I have been downing water and nothing else. About an hour ago I started itching on the back of my neck and my arm but I didn't look. Then I did and there are red dots all over my inner arms. As time has gone by there are more and more and they are on the other side of my arm. Man they itch like crazy! I said something to Dave and he asked me what I ate. I made chicken souvlaki for dinner which we have all the time. I didn't make it any different. They are all over the back of my neck too. It really is bugging me...I came on here to distract myself from itching them. I don't know if they are hives or I am having an allergic reaction to something. Do hives itch? Ugh this is so aggravating...I can understand having them on the back of my neck from the heat but my arms? I can sit here and watch more form! OK time for some Hydracortizone.....

Thursday, June 22, 2006
The Graduate

Here's some pics I took of him last night:

Celebrating at Fudrucker's :

Isn't he handsome? I wish I had some baby pictures too!

He is going to visit my other brother in CA for a couple weeks and then he will be enrolling at ECC. He doesnt want to take any time off cause he is afraid he won't go back. He isnt sure what yet but he is going to go for computers.
He did win a scholarship for Gannon University.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
I feel so Old!!!

I went to my baby brother's High School graduation tonight. While I was sitting at UB watching the stage below (we were in the balcony) it hit me! Exactly 10 years ago tonight I was doing the same thing and my parents were sitting where I was, waiting for me to walk accross that stage. So while I was sitting there I had all these memories coming in my mind of that day. Then I started to think of all these wise things I could tell my brother. Then I kinda giggled because now I remember my parents and older sister telling me all the same exact things 10 years ago. Boy were they right! Man graduations are depressing! It's so true that High School are some of the best days of your life.....after that things get so stressful! So I told my brother to go to all the graduation parties he can go to this summer. He already is heading out to one plus going to Williamsville's Senior Prom tomorrow. I told him it's so true that these are the best days of your life.....he looked at me probably the same way I was looking at my family when they were telling me and probably thinking the same stuff. I told him 10 years from now he will understand. I understood when I got my 10 year reunion invitation last week.........

Monday, June 19, 2006
A quiz!

What Color Is Your Aura?

Your aura shines Blue!
Take this quiz!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock. Just waiting for Dave to get home ... My sister suprised him with an early birthday gift of 2 tickets to The Tragically Hip concert tonight. He was so excited!! He asked me to go with him but I have never really listened to them. I know when we first started dating he listened to them all the time. But since then I havnt heard him play them when I am aroound. We really dont listen to many cd's in the house....more so in the vehicles. So he aske dhis brother to go...thye bpth are big fans. I think it would be better to go to a concert with someone who is into them. Besides I got to spend the night with Kaila, Jordan and Jocelyn :0) While they were scorching in the sun waiting for the concert, we were in the yard catching up while the kiddos were in the pool. Now the kids are sound asleep and we are watching SNL.....oh I hear a car door slamming!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
The Future....

Not much new is really going on in my TTC world. I ran out of Vitex so my temps have dropped back down to the norm. I need to get me some more of that. I havn't evaluated and it's CD 41 here. I have 1 round of Provera left so I have a feeling I will be using that. I don't want to take it till I get my yearly appointment set up. That way I will have a nice clean uterus for that. I have 2 rounds of clomid left so I think I will take those the next cycle after my yearly.
I have been thinking about that appointment for a while now. I don't know what I want to do? I know he is going to suggest and RE or Endocrinologist. I know from there they will suggest IUI but we just don't have that in our budget. Plus I just don't have the energy for it right now. 3 years of unsuccessful TTC rally is emotionally draining and can be stressful in your relationship. I am thinking of using the clomid and if that doesn't give us a bfp going on BC for awhile so we can have a break. Plus get my cycle maybe normal and I would love to alleviate some of the symptoms from the PCOS.
I believe the metformin might be starting to work. I did ovulate very late in my cycles. Before Met. It would be months before af would shine and that I believe was just break through bleeding. Now I am ovulating (I know from charting) at least once every 2 months. That gives me 6 chances a year but better than before.
I don't know I am all over about what to do. I guess I should go see a endo...I just am not looking forward to all the testing..ugh! I guess I'll discuss everything with my OB next month...Till then it's just the normal BDing and praying for the ovulation fairy to shine!

Thursday, June 08, 2006
Been 8 years with cats around me!

It's so quiet around here without her. It's so weird sitting here at the computer with out her meowing and buzzing around my ankles. I miss the way she would get the zooms with her tail all puffed up before she had to use the litter box. It was like she had to psych herself into going in! Or when she would come whine to me and I would get right up and go look at her food and water. Boy did she have me! I love the little noises she would make out the window at the birds! I love how all I had to do was snap my fingers and point at her to get her to stop doing something she shouldn't. Boy it's going to be so weird here without her.....

Tuesday, June 06, 2006
Farwell To Snickers...

Some of you know that we have to become a cat free home. Tinkerbell went to Dave's moms and we have been trying since April to find a loving home for Snickers. Dave was hoping to find a family member or friend so he could keep tabs on her. No such luck! Well today I heard of this sight that you cant post things you want or things you would like to give away. It's called Freecycle. I posted (in my area) that I had a free cat and waited. not 2 minutes posted did I hear from someone! We emailed back and forth all day and I sent pictures. Snickers to getting picked up by a family of 4 and going to live in Lewiston, NY tomorrow. They were going to wait till the wekend but are so excited they can't wait!
I am sad to see her go but very happy she will be going to a family and will be the only pet. Now she has been in a house with 3 cats and been just fine. But since she has been alone these last couple months she has become so cute! She really does like being the only pet. She is more open. Before she was such a push over. If Tinkerbell came over and tried to get some loving she would just walk away and give up. Now she is out all the time and forcing you to give her!
I feel so bad for Dave...he lost his truck and his kitty all within a week of each other. Snickers will leave while he is at work tomorrow so he will need some big time cuddling!

Saved the Propane!

Last night (after Kaila's softball game) we headed home to grab our empty propane tank so we could get a new one. We also needed gas as well. So Dave pulled in to the gas station (where we get our Blue Rhino propane tanks) and went right up to the pump. We always pre-pay so he headed to the store with the empty tank to pay for both and hand in the empty. He stopped at the door and put the tank down next to the door. He went in and this guy came staggering out with ice and beer. I kept my eye on him because he looked drunk already! He was parked right next to the door. He went to his truck and handed the ice and beer to the guy through the window on the passengers side. He went around the front and our tank must have caught his eye. He picked it up and spunk it around...shook it and walked to his truck. He got in and someone must have been sitting in the back and he handed it to them. By then he had the van in drive and I got out of my van and ran yelling,"Hey that's my tank!' I caught up to them and he put the van in park and said, "Oh it's your? I am sorry. Give the girl her tank." The guy in the back passed it up and the guy in the passenger seat handed it to me saying," Be careful it's kinda heavy." Then as they were pulling out the guy in the passenger seat asked why it was left there and I showed him the sign on the door (I noticed it when I went running after them) that said Do NOT bring empty propane tanks inside...leave outside the door and then bring around back to exchange. He said oh...sorry. These guys were all wasted! The guy in the passenger seats eyes were beat red and when he talked he slurred his words. Of course I didnt think of writing down the license plate number till after I stopped shaking and sat in the van. I stil can't believe I ran after them. Dave still can't believe someone would steal his tank. Hello it's almost $50 for a tank of propane if you don't have one to exchange for it. I can see why! That's what I was thinking of when I ran after them!

Friday, June 02, 2006
Wear A Jacket tomorrow....

Hell is going to freeze over! DH is taking his baby ( 89 Ford Ranger) to the junk yard tomorrow morning. Her body is just not able to hold up anymore. While she has been sitting parts have started to go and we just cannot afford to do the repairs. The junk yard is thinking of fixing her up and using her just on their lot so dh is happy they wont be putting her!
I too will miss her....we had our first kiss in there! She took us to our first date!
Dh is out there stripping her of her cd player and speakers. I left him some time alone to say his goodbyes.

That's just so wrong!!!

I just found out I cant put my magnets on my new van! My sister boy friend agve us a Support Our Troops magbetic ribbon for our vehicle before he left for Iraq last year. I have had it on my white van since. But the new van doesnt allow magnets to cling to it! That is so wrong! I also have a God Bless America van will be nakey with out them!

Game Tonight

So tonight Kaila had a softball game. The league she is on doesnt have enough teams so we also play against another league. The problem with that is both leagues dont have the same rules. So when our coach gets there the other coach comes over and tells him that she doesnt rotate her players. They al play the same spot at every game. That her league doesnt have the same rules so she is following her leagues rules. Of course she is! Heck we could probably win eevry game if we played that way. But it's not fair that everyone doesnt get a turn at each base, at catcher and at pitcher. Our girls played wonderfully tonight. That team had 2 really good feildman and 3 good hitters that's it. She put her 2 best feilds men at the 2 spots she knows where the ball is going to go...1 at 1st base and the other at the pitcher. This made it impossible for our girls to get to first base. Our girls are awsome hitters but they couldnt get to the base fast enough. So we lost our first game tonight....2 to 0. We would have 1 run but their girl ran and blocked home base and tapped the girl with the ball..which is against our league cant tag the girl you have to tag the base. She never touched first base with her foot at all so with our rules we would have the run. Our girls know this so they all just stood ther ein shock and didnt understand why they got away with it.
Also Kaila got a new bat for her birthday. Dave has been practicing with her and she is doing awsome now! This was the first game with her new batt and she wowwed everyone. She got a ton of hits during practice and hit everytime she was at batt. The last time she was at bat she hit it way out in the feild! She was so proud of herself. She was beeming form ear to ear!

Ladiebug Lane

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