Wednesday, November 29, 2006
This about sums it up.....

Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Not much to say......

Sorry I ahvnt been a great poster. Not much really going on. I am on my 3rd round of clomid cd 20 and still no ovulation. FF gave me my coverline but I know when I ovulate and I dont think I did. My temps have been hovering right on the coverline. There wasn't much of a drop before they did give me my coverline either. I guess only time will tell. If af is here between Wed and Fri next week then I know I did. If my temp stays up past that then I will test.
DH and I have been shopping aorund for the last 2 months. For Christmas this year we decided to get each other one small gift and then 1 big gift we both would like. First we deicded we wanted a new matress. Then we decided we wanted somehting to get us off our butts. So we shopped around for a tredmill. Well while we were trying them out I noticed DH kept going on the ellipticals. So I asked him if he wanted one of them instead. I wanted soemthing we both would use. He said he honestly probably wouldnt use the tredmill because of his knee issues. But he really liked how the elliptical didnt put pressure on his knee. So we stopped looking for a tredmil and went with the elliptical. After looking at reviews online and going to a zillion stores to try them out, we finally found one we wanted and put it on layaway at Dick's Sporting Goods. Awsome thing is when it was on layaway it went on sale for $100 less! So a deal and a great machine! So we picked it up this weekend and it's all up and running!
I have used this at the gym on days I dont have a long time to workout. The first time I used ours I only lasted 5 minutes till I was swetting buckets and hurting. Then that night my whole body was crying. Yesterday i went on it for 10 minutes and it was worse. It really does give you a nice workout in a short period of time. I really cant wait to see my cardio abilities get better on this thing.
So basically we are ttc but we are gettng our butts kicked by this machine as well.

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