Monday, September 08, 2008
Cute things on the Amelia front....

Amelia came running into the kitchen while I was cleaning breakfast dishes this morning screaming there was a snake in the house! I kept reassuring her that we don't have snakes. She said, "Yes Aunt Lindsy scary snakes! Come on!" She pulled me to the living room and showed me and it just was Ninja's black tail slithering out from under the buffet table. I showed her it was Ninja but she said, "Ninja has a snake and a Itsy Bitsy Spider!" Then she sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and ended it really loud with " I will never see the spider again!" Now she wont go in the living room without me.
So I decided we should go for a walk. We had been walking and chatting for a good 30 minutes and I wiped out on the sidewalk...technically I did a split with one leg and caught myself with my one hand and knee. II imagine it looking like I was break dancing. There was a wet spot that was really slimy green and down I went. I only got a small scratch on my knee. I was soaked all along my left leg, butt and mud dripping down. When I fell Amelia peered around the stroller and asked, "Are you Ok Lindsy?" I said, "Oh yeah, just muddy." She blew me a kiss and said "Ok we go to the hospitable now!" LOL!
Then we came into the house and I cleaned up. She decided we were going to play McDonalds. I pretended I spilled my drink and she started singing, " Hush Little Baby dont cry about milk, go to sleep, I love you!"

I swear I dont know how I get through the day without peeing my pants!

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