Tuesday, January 30, 2007
I hate You PCOS

Do ya ever just wake up really really hating soemthing so bad? I mean i dislike PCOS on a daily basis but today I just really hate it! Ever since the miscarriage my hormones have not gotten back to normal. My face looks like a teenager going thorugh puberty. Sad things is my face wasn't even this bad then! The hair on my head is thinning. I was looking back at my wedding shower pics at how clear my face was and how much body I had to my hair. Now it's super flat and wont even hold a curl or a hair clip! Then there's the other hair. Hair that isn't supposed to be there. Also I am tired all the time. I am not depressed. Just tired. Seems that 8 hours isnt enough. But then again it doesnt help that I get elbowed all night long from my husband. Speaking of him you have to hear what he said to me when I complained about shaving my face! " Now you know how much I hate shaving." Um.... women have to shave their legs and underarms. That wasn't enough knowledge on the subject already? I guess it serves me right? Um I am not supposed to know what that's like....ugh I wanted to rip him a new one but I decided not to get my mood in a swing. Clomid does enough of that for me.

Friday, January 19, 2007
She Came Today!!!!

I was so excited when Amelia got here today! She has been sick all week. The very first time since she was born! Boy when she gets it she gets it for a long time! She still wasn't herself today. She had a pj day. She and I cuddled on the couch after every bottle for about 45 minutes. It was so cute! Her little but would be up and we would be cheek to cheek...sometimes I would have to move to see if she fell asleep! She would play on the floor but after about 30 minutes she couldnt hold her head up anymore due to the nasty cold :0( She was wacking at her nose all day when it would bug her. You can see in the pic below she already scratched herself and her eyes still don't look right. But she still can smile :0)
Here she is:

Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Ladedahdedah...and then some :0)

Well it's been awhile. But we decided to take a break this last cycle (53 days long and finally ended it with prometrium) and I really feel back to myself. Clomid really does bring out the Dr. Hyde in me! I feel really in control now. No crazy mood swings.
So I get a call on Friday from my OBGYN. He wanted to know if AF had come (he knew I was taking a cycle off form clomid) and if I started clomid yet. I said she would be here by this weekend. He said no more cycles off. The clock is ticking and I need to do clomid this round. I honestly wasn't going to. I just hate the mood swings and how it just suxs everything out of me. Then he suggested I not drink milk due to the hormones the cows are being injected with. God knows my hormones are messed up why alter them even more with that? So I am drinking organic milk (says right on the jug they do not inject their cows with hormones) or rice milk. I havn't even had any cheese! I also am taking calcium with vitamin D supplements. I filled my metformin and clomid over the weekend. I have been taking the met all along though. Tomorrow we start another round.
Basically I have been making sure I get on my elliptical daily. I would be on it more if this darn cold would go away! My thraot starts hurting when I am on it. The first week of the year I started getting a really bad sore throat. Finally last week I was feeling much better. Then this past Sunday I wake up to a fever and my throat is killing me! Since then I have a nasty cold in my throat/chest and my ears are killing me. Every night I lay down and the coughing begins....so Tussin has been my best friend. So back to Ellie. I really am loving having her here! She has been kicking my butt! I cant go in the living room without looking at her. I made a rule that I cannot go on the computer till I get my booty moving on her. I also (as of today) blew up my ball and am making myself sit on that if I want to watch TV. My husband misses me on the couch but hey I need to work on my Core! I find myself rolling around on it, bouncing and rolling up and down getting some ab work done.
I realized that when I got pregnant I was eating great and exercising on Ellie. It worked in the past! So now I am keeping it up. Plus when ellie is kicking my butt and I just want to stop I remind myself that this could lead to a baby kicking me in the stomach inside :0) I notice, when I do stay on , I feel better about myself and dont want to eat junk late at night. That's the major problem is snacking at night sitting in front of the TV. Hasnt been a problem at all this week.
But then again it probably helps that I am watching Super Size Me and this guy is getting a surgery and I can see his stomach! How nasty! I will not be able to eat fast food! I need to get this movie and watch it every time I think of eating McDonalds! I really wish I had scene this sooner! Thanks for bringing it to my attention Kerri!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Happy 6 Months Old!!!

My baby neice is 6 months old! My time really does fly! I feel hjonored and blessed that I get to be a major part of her first 6 months!!!
Here are some pics looking back:

Not even an hour old:

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1 month:

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3 months

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6 months

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What can I do now?

Roll over
Roll back
Blow raspberries
Starting to sit forward
Hold on to my bottle (still breastfed with mommy)
Play in the walker and jolly Jumper
Make music when someone taps over my mouth
The silliest laugh!
Chew on everything in my reach
Pull your face to her so she can (I think) give kisses but you geta wet face.
Move across the room scootching backwards
As of Saturday: I have a bottom tooth!
As of last night: eat cereal!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Free Hugs Campaign. Inspiring Story! (music by sick puppies)

This is awsome! You have ot watch!

Monday, January 01, 2007
My Resolution...lol!

In the year 2007 I resolve to:
Fly a kite.

Get your resolution here.

It's Finally 2007!!!

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Ladiebug Lane

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