Friday, February 02, 2007
Farwell to Whitey

Every morning the first thing I do (after brushing my teeth and getting Kaila up) I go turn the light on in our fish tank. The 4 of them swim all to one corner watching me bend down to get the bottle of fish food from the cabinet. They go crazy till I pour it in. You;d think we dont feed them! Well this morning was a little different. I turned the light on and Whitey went spastic all over the tank smacking aorund and swishing water. He was calmed down by the time I poured some food in. He ate a bunch. Then after Kaila got on the bus I noticed he was floating on his side. He was alive but just hanging out onhis side. If any of the other fish went by he would move back to normal though. Then aorund 9 am my sister called and while I was on the phone he was on the bottom of the tank on his side dead. I looked all over him and there isnt any ick on him. I am wondering if he smacked something when he went crazy this morning. Poor fishy.

We have had him a little over 2 years now. He was a tiny tiny goldfish when we got him. I measured him before he went to his watery grave. He was 6 inches long (from nose to the end of his tail) and 3 inches width. He also was pretty thick! Might have had a heart attack....I know they only pump their blood in one direction......

Anyway he lived a long life for a goldfish. Beofre him we were lucky if they lived 2 months.

Whitey is survived by his wife Goldie (got her at the same time and she is pretty big too) and their 2 kids (well they didnt have them but we say kids anyway) JR and Goldie Girl.

s it wrong for me not to want to tell Kaila? I would rather wait and tell her if she notices.

Thursday, February 01, 2007
House For Rent?

Well we went to see the house. I liked it. The living room is huge. Plus the masterbedroom feels like you are in a cabin. It has really nice wood on the walls. The kitchen is nice and fully loaded with cabinets and there is a dinning room right accross from it! The bedrooms are all very nice sizes. The problem is the landlord was not like a typical one. He didnt have aplications. Didnt ask for references or anything. He was very friendly and talkative. Talked Daves ear off while I walked around. But he never said it was ours. We had to ask him when he wanted someone in by. We said mid Feb the earliest. Then he started tlaking about some lady who was there with her husband and they cant live together so they are living seperatly and she wanted ot move in right away. Buthe still has a ton of work to do. There is still a ton of furniture and he said he has to fix the tub. All he has been taking are names and numbers. He pulled a few other names and numbers out of his pocket and said he is going to go through them and decide. That is the weirdest and unsafest way I have eevr scene. Hopefully someone with the name Dave never upset him. I mean wha6t is he going to do do enie meeny miny moe? I just have a feeling it wont be ours.
I have called a few other apartments and left messages so we shall see.......

A side of stress please.

Back in October I had a conversation with my landlord where he brought up that he might be raising our rent come February. I said nicely well if that's the case we will have to move because we already pay the amount of a mortage. He said well you have to do what you have to do for your family. There are other tenants out there.Then he said not to expect to get a lot back from our security deposit because he is very picky. I said well everywhere we have moved we have always gotten our deposit back because I am an avid cleaner and am opicky myself. He said ah well we shall see. How nice. Boy did I feel crappy then. We have always been very good tenants. Pay our rent on time.Thiings that needs to be fixed Dave fixes himself. We needed our faucet fixed and it took the landlord 6 months to get someone here to fix it. So as long as it didnt cost a bundle we would just fix things ourselves from then on. The garden in the front was a bunch of weeds so (because I like pretty gardens) we dug it up and put in a rose bush, rubbery plant bush and two azaelia bushs. For the last 2 summers we have put flowers in and bark around it to mak it look very nice. I always go around and pick up things that fly into the yard like paper and such. He always was very nice and pleasant to us. Then come October he says this to me like whatevcer I dont care. SO we went around looking for an apartment. We found 2 we liked. Then that night my landlord was downstairs talking to the tenant down there and I went by to do my laundry and he stopped me. He said he was sorry for being so mean and that he wasnt raising the rent come February. That was awsome because we really didnt want to move then. We planne don moving during the summer so we wouldnt have to possibly change schools on Kaila. So we stopped the search till summer 2007. Well yesterday I get a letter letting me know that come March our rent will be $100 more! I call the guy and he says all he said was he wouldnt raise it in Feb..he isnt he is for March. I had to get off the phone before I said something bad. I want to have a place all lined up before I blow my top! Dave is not a happy man. He has done a lot for that guy and now seeing that he doesnt care. I understand that people have to raise the rent but I have a fdeeling he just wants us gone. I know the lady donstairs wants our apartment. She has made many comments when she coems up here to get her kids how much she loves the cathedral ceilings, kichen layout and the bigger living room. She even told me that the landlord offered her the one next door for the same price (this summer before the new tenants moved in) she was paying for downstairs and the house next door has a/c. But she said she would rather move upstairs (where we live now) than have to move everything over. I was talking to her the other night when she said all this (our power went out for an hour because of a tractor trailer incedent that knocked over a power line-our landlord even called her while I was standing there and she went to another rooma nd came back talking all loud that she was in the hallway talking to me) and then she got all uncomfortable and tired to cover up what she said. I know she tells him eevrything because he knows we have a hamster....we never told him so she must have. I he might have someone he wants to move here or downstairs so she can move up.
I'll admit last night I was fumming. So upset that I didnt want to be here with the added stress all by myself. Dave was working till 8pm.So I pakced up soem dinenr for Kaila and I and went to my parents. They helped me calm down. Telling me his might be a good thing. That we can move somewhere cheaper and save. We looked up apartments to call on. BUT on the way home I saw a HOUSE FOR RENT sign. I almost got my van stuck trying to get the phone! Of course I was excited when I saw it. But then I figured it would be more than here being a whole house and all.But Dave called on it when I got home and it's a 3 bedroom West Seneca School district and $100 less than we are paying now and come March (when the rent raise starts) $200 less! So we shall see. We are going to see it on Dave's lunch break today. I am hoping this is the reason that all this is happening. A house! We wouldnt have to tell Kaila to stop waling to heavy because of the people downstairs. I wouldnt have to listen the the lady downstairs scream at her kids on a daily basis and wake up to her scremaing at her daughter who wet the bed because of a weak bladder....maybe if you didnt scream so much she would be so nervous and wet the bed...ya think? Amelia and Lauren wouldn't jolt whenever she starts screaming as soon as the kids get home. We wouldnt hvae to worry about sound at all! Yay! So wish us luck for todays adventure

Ladiebug Lane

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