Tuesday, December 18, 2007
The Cutest Snowbunny!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Can I.....

Trade her in for a boy? Yikes! She is all over the place these days with her moods! Sometimes it is just so hard not to laugh.....
Kaila asked me to go over her study sheet for her Science test tomorrow. Now these are all vocab words from the beginning of the year till now. She has taken tests and gotten from 85-100 on all of these. Some of them I still know by heart from her last test! So I am asking the ones on the first page and she gets them all right. She is psyched! Then we get to the second page and she starts getting some wrong. Me I am just asking away nicely and putting checks next to them as she gets them wrong. I have her write them out 2 times each. We do this for every test. It has always helped her for the test. As I am checking them wrong the more she slopes in her seat and the worse her mood gets. She starts answering me quietly where I have to ask her to repeat herself. I ask her ecosystem...which has been on the last 3 tests! She sits there thinking for 3 minutes. So I tell her the answer and she yells, "You didn't give me enough time! I was about to say that!" I gently hand her back the paper and say nicely " I am not helping you when you get this way." She whines, "But I need your help!" I say calmly back, "You wouldn't help me if I was snapping at you. When you get like this you just sit there and it doesn't get any studying done. Plus I told myself I wasn't going to help you anymore if you aren't trying. All it does is get me upset and we don't get anywhere but arguing like this. " She snaps back, "I am trying!" I said nicely," Kaila you aren't putting your all into it like you were in the beginning. Now you have a sulk, poor me attitude and we aren't going to get anything done when you are like this." Now she is crying and begging, "Please mom help me!" I said," I will help you when you calm yourself down and look over your notes some more." So I leave to get my jammies on. I walk by the study desk (my scrapbook desk) and she is sitting there balling her eyes out and letting buggers go all over the paper. I go in, give her a hug, and tell her to go blow her nose, splash some water on her face, put her jammies on, brush her teeth, calm herself down and look over the notes and I will be in. So she is loudly like I took her favorite toys away while she gets dressed. I don't understand. I hope this cry is what she needs so we can move on to studying. Ugh! So hormonal and dramatic! I am so sorry mom if I ever put you through this. Where oh where is my sweet,bouncy, lovable Kaila today? Can the wacky hormones level back out so we can get back to normal please?

Lets start the day with almost calling an Amber Alert!

So Dave and I were hanging out making a late breakfast this morning when we got a call from Kaila's school. They were asking if she was absent today? Dave said no...I said I watched her walk and get on the bus. So they put us on hold. Me, I ran outside doubting what my eyes saw. I looked at the ground and saw her foot prints in the fresh fallen snow walking down the street and disappear where the bus would have picked her up. Then I came back upstairs and Dave was making his scrambled eggs. I asked what was up he said they got disconnected! So I was all in a panic and Dave said, "Just relax." Yeah someone telling you that doesn't help. Then the phone rings and he practically knocks me over so he can get to it first...yeah he was relaxing! Then he hangs up. Turns out Kaila took forever to eat her breakfast (I let her eat breakfast once a week there-today was milk, jelly bagel and fruit) so she went straight to her music class instead of going to homeroom. They get 40 minutes to eat! She has been eating slow as molasses these days. Last night it took her an hour to eat half a BBQ cube steak, 2 tbs sweet potatoes and 2 tbs spinach (my no thank you helping). All food that she enjoys. Figures...her slow eating is gonna kill me some day!

Ladiebug Lane

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