Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Got it!!!

Just got back from picking up my Provera. My insurance would only let me get 1 month worth at a time. So I have 2 refills.
The receptionist wanted me to be able to get all three at once so I would only have to pay 1 co-pay. But for some reason, this time, my insurance is covering the whole thing! No Co-pay! Weird I had to pay it last time......It's only a $5.40 prescription......Hey I'll take it free but it better not screw me up for the future. Maybe they feel bad because I had to pay for all my Clomid! Yeah right insurance companies FEEL BAD....LOL!
Funny how they'll pay in full for me to get my monthly but they wont pay to help get me pregnant....meanies!

Provera it is!

OK so I just got off the phone with my OBGYN's receptionist. She also is the one who does our weigh in and BP (blood pressure) before we see him so she must be his assistant. Anywho.....he couldn't come and talk to me because he is double booked. But in between patients he looked at my file and told her to call in for 3 months worth of Provera for me.
She herself was confused. But she didn't realize I was on it once before. So she is calling it all in so I only have to pay 1 co-pay and she said just throw whatever is left over when I become pregnant. See that's why I love his office because they don't say," IF" they say," WHEN." So anywho I am to take it for 10 days every month for the next 3 months when AF doesnt shine. I have to take pregnancy tests before I take them too. I was instructed that I can always come in for a blood test.
I was thinking he prescribed me this much because he knows that I can't get to my next round of clomid if AF doesnt get her booty here.
See on top of this I have metformin everyday, prenatals and I also will be taking 100 mg's Clomid (he originally prescribed 50mgs a day but when they called him to verify his writing he changed it to 100mgs a day-they just asked me if I noticed when I picked them up....I never looked at them...my mil pointed it out to me when she was here on Saturdayl) on days 5- 9, then the second month days 3-7 and 3rd month back to days 5-9. S o my new nickname from my DH is "Hormonal Pill Popper"...isn't that special? :0) So we will be off to pick those up tonight along with next months new round of metformin.

Lost Weight!

So it's been awhile since I weighed in. I was trying not to weigh in this week with having 2 Thanksgiving feasts. But I did it. And.....drum roll please.........I said drum roll please!
I am down 4.5 lbs!! Amazing..pig out and lose...I kinda like that!
But no seriouslyt people dont do that. I was walking everyday and very good all the other days. It's about time that works for me! Yay!!! Thank you metformin :0)

Monday, November 28, 2005
Still No AF!

So she still isn't here! Ugh she comes when you dont want her and she hides when you do want her. Fraidy Cat!!!
Well it looks like I will be calling the OBGYN tomorrow to get me some Provera...ugh! My poor clothes!

Sunday, November 27, 2005
Oh AF where are you??????

So it's cycle day 57.....AF (aunt flo) is nowhere to be found! I know I had a anovulatory cycle so come on! I want to get her so I can call and make my appointment for my HSG!!!! Oh AF where are you??? Please please come naturally or I will have to sick Provera on you! Please don't make me do that!

Saturday, November 26, 2005
Happy Everything!

Now this time of year sometimes I start feeling like this! Ugh the way people get so crazy getting up at some ungodly hour or staying up all night to be the first in line. I remember the whole thing with the Elmo doll. People were beating each other up in the stores! Or selling them for like $300 in the paper! Like one of my online friends said today,"Whoever dies with the most toys wins? I don't think so!!!
Stop the Insanity!"

Monday, November 21, 2005

Grandpa~Well my grandfather is doing even better. All tubes have been removed from his throat. I was there the majority of Saturday and visited on Sunday. He was talking away! They moved him to another hospital till he is completely recovered.

TTC~ not much going on in the TTC world. MY hubby left for hunting Friday night so not much can happen. Cycle Day 52 and still waiting for AF. I did however pick up my clomid from the pharmacy yesterday!!! Boy that was expensive! $53 for 1 month (5 pills)!!! Merry Christmas to us! I did hear that it's cheaper at Walmart ($27) ! I think if I have to take it again I will fill it there next time. It's not covered under my insurance so might as well fill uninsured ones there.

Yesterday my van wouldn't start! Turned out it was just my adaptor to the battery needing tightening! UGH! I had stopped at the book store after dinner because Kaila got a 96% on her Science test! Only 1 wrong! You go girl! So I like to reward her with a new book! Also I wanted to get The Pcos Diet Book: How You Can Use The Nutritional Approach To Deal With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome by Collette Harris. Not only might it help me lose weight but I will have an actual book about what I have. Not that I havnt already done my research online but it will be nice to have a book on hand. While there, I called my hubby on the cell to touch base and he had me reading all the titles of Stephen King books till he heard the one he had wanted. So we all got new books yesterday!

Thursday, November 17, 2005
Grandpa Update

My grandpa is doing much better. It was so hard to see him the way he is. He is hooked up to a breathing machine, IV's, a tube down his throat, one up his nose and a catheder. He also has restraints because he tried to rip them off his face when he woke up today. They lessend his sedative so they could see if he would wake up and open his eyes. He still is drugged so it's hard for him to keep his eyes open. He has false teeth for his upper teeth and he cant wear them so he is embarrased. When he saw me he winked and squeezed my hand :0). When he saw my DH he tried sitting up to shake his hand causing his IV to come out. He cant talk with the tube down his throat so he tries to mouth words.......I used to play read lips with my friend when we were in church and she sat in front of me so I could read them pretty good. He kept squirming and moving his legs meanwhile mouthing that his back hurts on this bed. Plus he was thirsty. He can't have water but they would rub something in his mouth for him to moisten it. My mom is bringing him some chap stick tomorrow too because it's so dry in there and his lips are chapped. He can answer yes and no questions by shaking hs head so he understands us. It's not a right away answer. You can see him thinking about it. When it was time to leave he kept pointing his finger down saying "Stay here! Dont leave me alone!" I had to leave the room when he did that cause I teared up. He's in the ICU so no one can stay overnight or passed visiting hours.. The doctors are removing the tube in his throat tomorrow and hopfully the catheder....so we are hoping he will get moved to a room where his fiance can stay over night. I can imagine how lonely he is....he is helpless right now with all the machines. They put him on all that as a pre-cautionary measure. They did a scan on his brain and he has a normal patturn...his heart rate looked pretty good. They think he might have had pnemonia or broncitis and he might have passed out from being dehydrated. His finace said he had an awful cough that was making his eyes blood shot. His doctor wasn't able to get to the hospital today due to an 18 inch snowfall overnight. Hopefully he can make it tomorrow.I wont be able to visit him tomorrow. I have to take Kaila to school as soon as Dave gets home from work to pick up her fundraiser orders and then to soccer. I can't wait for him to get out of ICU so we can visit him longer.
Thank you so much for all the prayers and please continue to do so!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Just got horrible News

I just got some horrible news. My grandfather was found in his apartment (by his finace of 18ish years) passed out. He went home last night about 10 pm. He was supposed to pick her up at 8 am for breakfast and he didn't show. So she headed over to his place and there was no answer. So she got someone to open his door for her and there he was on the floor in his bedroom. They dont know if it happend the night before or that morning. He was in his robe so it could be either way. My mom just got back from the hospital in tears. She said it doesn't look good. The only response they have gotten from him is when my mom held his hand and was talking to him he had a tear come from his eye. The doctors couldn't say what happened yet. We know he is on med for high blood pressure. But they couldn't say if it was something with his heart, seizure, or stroke. My grandfathers fiance said that before they sent him to the ICU the doctor advised her to spend the night. But she can't do that in the ICU so we wont know anything till the morning when she gets back there. I guess they will be doing some tests and we will know more tomorow. My mom is a nervous wreck because tomorrow it will be 21 years since my grandmother died. She said she has the same bad feeling that she had the night before she passed away.
I want to go visit him tomorrow during the first visiting hours but there is no one to watch Lauren. So I can't go till 7pm. I have this awful fear that he might pass on before I can get there.
So everyone please pray for my grandfather to be OK......TIA.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005
A Sudden Fall

So I was standing in the hallway making sure Kaila was studying for her Science test. She was standing there reading her book....when out of nowhere she just falls. She stands up and yells "I'm OK!" Not knowing I had been standing there looking on. I had to leave the room so she didn't see me cracking up....lol! She was just standing there! She does this all the time on the kitchen floor......usually she's walking. This time she was just standing there! I just couldn't hold it in anymore! I know I won't get the mother of the year award for that.
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I'm back from my appointment!

As everyone thought everything is fine :0) Well as fine as it can be that I am still not pregnant. He just wanted to go over the results in person and discuss the next steps. Geesh they could have said that on the phone!
I do have 2 polyps. He is not worried about them and said they wouldnt be what's keeping me from getting pregnant. He said it was up to me if I want them removed now. I didnt think it was necessary since that's not going to get in the way of us getting pregnant. Plus he wanted to tell me in person that I do have PCOS. He told me over the phone originally. He also recommended a different diet (it's in my file that I am on WW...he said it would be better for weightloss to go on a more organic diet like South Beach) and books to read.
He is such a nice doctor. He mentioned he could ship me right off to a Endocrinologist if I wanted but he wanted me to hear him out on what he would recomend me to do since I am still young. He wants me to get and HSG (shoot dye into my ovaries and make sure it comes out -showing my my ovaries aren't clogged) and then 3 rounds of clomid. Then he said from there if that doesn't work then an RE. I am sooooo praying that all the above works because my insurance doesn't cover IUI or IVF......so my prescription for clomid is being filled as we speak.
But of course before I can start any of the above AF has to stop being so stubborn and show us her ugly face! My doctor also said that if she doesn't show by December to call and he will call in Provera for me.
Oh please God just let her come naturally!
Sooo please pray that AF shines soon!
I know it's so funny to beg for Af....lol!

Monday, November 14, 2005
New Blog

So this is my new blog location. Anything below here is from the old blog. I went through and copy and pasted everything pertaining to TTC. I have been using my blog as reference before I go to any appointments. So I didnt want to lose any of that.

Monday, November 07, 2005
Going Crazy!

Not that I wasn't going through enough yesterday (personal battles, electric went out from 5:30-11pm ) now I got a call from my OBGYN's receptionist. She said my doc asked her to get me in there sometime this week to go over my Sonohysterography results. I am confused because he called me with my results a week after I had it done! He said everything looked good but I had 2 tiny polyps and he wasn't worried about them. He said that they were just forming and that a lot of OBGYNs will just remove them after birth doing a D&C procedure. And he also said I didn't have cysts on my ovaries but he was diagnoing me with PCOS due to my symptoms. I mentioned to her that he had called me with the results and she said "Hmmm I only know that he had some test results in his hands when he came out and said he wanted to go over your results with you."
So now I am freaking out! I have a whole week to think about it too because she had already double booked people so she couldn't get me in till next Tuesday morning!
I am glad to go in there.....I wanted to mention clomid or even going to a RE. He had mentioned that if Metformin didn't do anything that would be the next step......but now I will have that in my head all week!
UGH! Why do doctors do this? Don;t they know we worry ourslves enough? I mean come on I have infertility issues already! Don't give me some more stress to keep me from O-ing or AF to arrive!
Yeah then she says,"Try not to worry I am sure it's nothing!" I almost started laughing insainly...lol!

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