Friday, August 31, 2007
A year ago today....



Monday, August 20, 2007
She's growing up

Well Thursday was the day. I gathered up some items and the books and Kaila and I cuddled on my bed and we read about her future with Aunt Flo. She was full of questions that I had answers for! Sometimes I think I know too much. I had to not fil her head with it all. At one point she asked me when Aunt Flo will finally go away. She thought once it started she had it for! I explained it to her again and she understood it's only a once a month monthly visitor. Walking out of our room that day she seemed so grown up.......

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
I am!

Alrighty I am finally!

I did post some pics from Kaila's 10th birthday and Amelia's 1st. I back dated them so dont think you missed them when I originally posted them.
I also had to delete 2 posts because I accidentally added 2 comments a friend of mine asked me not to publish. Which I accidentally did just now. I couldnt find anything showing how to delete them once you did...I know the old format had that.


Well after round 5 of clomid and no bfp we decided it was time for a break. We started TTC on our wedding night so we never really had a chance to know what it's like not to. Plus I needed to get clomid out of me for our marriage. That stuff really messed with my moods. Why would they give you something that will dry you up down town and turn you into a hormonal person? Why would your husband even want to touch you when you are like this? If I'm the first to admit this fine, but there were some nights that I just wanted to lay there......clomid really made me feel crappy. So for the sake of all that together we decided it was time to put things on hold. Of course we didn't stop everything you do to get pregnant. I stopped temping daily, no clomid or thoughts on getting a bfp. I did keep on using the progesterone cream for other purposes though. Of course I was hoping way far back in my mind that who knows maybe this hold will bring it on. Of course that can't happen if you don't ovulate. The 3 months (May 15-Aug 11th) we were off, af was a no show= no ovulation. The cycle was 89 days exactly. AF only came because I took prometrium. So timing is perfect because this is when we decided to start again. DH is happy but he got himself back into coffee again. I told him if he did it would be hard to break it again. I got myself into a routine of walking daily (weather permitting) so I am feeling much healthier. I am hoping this will keep me motivated to use the eliptical daily when it gets too cold.

This summer has been a lot of fun. Sad though because it is my last with Lauren since she was 6 weeks old. She starts Kindergarten in the fall. Last Thursday was my last day with her. Her mom is off due to surgery on her foot so Lauren will get to spend the rest of her summer with her. She is very happy doing so but it made me sad that my time with her was ended earlier.
Amelia is turing out to be quite a ham. She is finding ways to make us all laugh daily. I am looking forward to the end of September when we get to have her overnight for an extended weekend while her parents have an overdue (first time) child free vacation. I am sure it will be hard on them since it is their first (and Amelia's) time when one of them isn't with her overnight. Me, I am excited for them and for us. I feel privilaged to get to be her first slumber!
Kaila is having a great summer hanging out with Lauren and Amelia. She told a friend of mine that she can't wait till school starts because she wants to see what a challenge 5th grade will be. I have no idea where she got that from. There are days where she is in her room playing with her Polly Pockets (we don't have any from the recall list) and Littlest Pet shop being a kid and then she comes out saying things like! I am getting ready to tell her about the monthly visitor that will be in her future. She has already been having crazy mood swings. I got her The Feelings Book By American Girl so she can help keep them under control a bit. It was funny because a couple days after she got that she comes out in tears saying that book isn't helping! I also got the book The Care and Keeping of You . I havn't given that to her yet. I plan on using that when I have THE TALK with her. I don't have any kids tomorrow so I am thinking of doing that then. I am hoping the pics in there will help. I also put together a kit like my mom did for me when I was younger. She put pads, liners and tampons (which she didn't want me using yet) chocolate and tylenol. Of course I ate the chocolate before I even got! But I know they will be hearing about it in 5th grade this year so I want tov tell her before some stranger tells her first. I'll update you guys on that after I do it.

PCOS stuff:
I did a search on how to increase your chances of conceiving and preventing miscarriages . I found some new info and decided to get all the vitamins this weekend. I have been doing the progesterone for my PCOS since Febuary. The hirsutism issues that come with PCOS were getting worse for me, ny hair on my head was really thinning out and my face was really bumpy. No red zits just the bumps that are the same color of your skin but you know there are imperfections in there. It's taken some time (since Feb) but my face is really clearing up and my hair on my head is growing in. I have tons of annoying baby hair which is welcomed. I havn't noticed much about the other hair so now I am drinking organic spearmint tea daily hoping that will help. So that about sums it up. I hope I havn't lost all my readers :0)

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