Thursday, December 04, 2008
My Crazy Kittens!!!

I decided to shower before heading downstairs today. Zippo (20 weeks old) and Pediddle (17 weeks old) love being in there because of the warmth so I left the door open a crack instead of hearing them whine at the closed door. I was at the end of my showering and I saw a black kitten sitting on the rim of the tub poking his head in. Then he put his paw in to touch the water and he fell in. Instead of freaking out he laid back and started cleaning his belly while the water ran on him. I was shooting water at him trying to scoot him out before he freaked and climbed up me. So then Pediddle came to the rim of the tub and poked his head in. He jumped in and they thought it was time to play. Splashing water and rolling all over the tub. I got out and closed the bathroom door so I wouldn't have 2 wet kittens running through my house. I dried off and then had to dry them off. So then I came down to 3 broken Christmas ball ornaments (which stepping on broken glass is how I found that out) a few other ones scattered around, the bottom of my tree hanging down and a chewed on candy cane. So I was examining the kittens for any possible cuts, cleaning out my foot and vacuuming. While I was vacuuming (or it could have been when I was on the phone) they destroyed a roll of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. I thought I had closed the door but it must not have latched all the way. They both were cuddled up on the toilet seat (where they had some of the toilet paper to lay on) and I swear they were smiling at me! I smacked them lightly on their butts and said no! Zippo ran off yelling at me (or talking back) and Pediddle stayed rubbing against my legs apologizing. So now I can finally start my homework while they sleep downstairs on the couch dreaming about all the fun they had today.....or what is to come!


Ladiebug Lane

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