Monday, July 18, 2005
Recomended Reading

Getting Pregnant: What You Need To Know Right Now by Niels Lauerson M.D.

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Blood Work

So I got my blood work done less thing to worry about. I usually went to Beneficial in the Wimbledon Plaza but the script said Quest Diagnostic on top. My primary doctor always has Beneficial on top of his. I went to the same plaza.They are right accross the way from each other.
Let me tell ya I love Quest better! Beneficial always has a hard time finding my veins. In fact they had to dig for them last time and it wasn't a pleasant feeling! Then they finally took it out and got a pediatric needle and drew my blood. They left me all bruised! Two places! It was nasty. At Quest I felt nothing! Just a tiny pin prick and then she was done! I was in and out. No bruises from that. I only have a tiny red dot and red where Dave did 1, 2, 3 and ripped off the tape that held the cotton swab on!

I get myself all worked up while waiting in the waiting room. I itch my kneck and wrists till they are red! Then it's quick and done. Today I was a little dizzy when I got back in the truck.Probably from the heat! I brought a capri sun sport with me so that did the trick and I was on my way!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
1st OBGYN with New Doctor

So I have been pretty good on this blog and kept it PG. Well today I am going to get a little personal here....
I had a OB/GYN appointment today. I haven't had one since 2002. Yes I am a bad bad girl. Got everything you need to get done once a year and discussed my concerns I have had. In 2002 Dave and I decided that it was time for me to go off birth control after I had my last pap smear. I had discussed this with my doctor too. I had mentioned to her that we wanted to start trying to conceive after we got married. She said I should get off birth control at least a year in advance and lose some weight in the meantime. Then come back to plan. So that's what I did. Then wedding planning stress came closer and I gained some of the weight back. But on our wedding night we started anyway. Nothing happened after a year so we tried testing my basil body temperature to see when I was ovulating. There was no rise or fall for 3 months...? I was getting my "evil visitor" at least every other month so I didn't understand. This made me think I wasn't ovulating. So us trying kinda dwindled. Basically we figured when it happens it will happen.
In July 2004 Dave lost his job so we decided we would stop trying and started using protection for that. We were stressed due to the job loss so our libidos were low. Then he got a new job and we have been back to no "parachutes."
I was kinda worried about my ability to make a baby heading to Dr. Farkash's office today. Plus, still being over weight, I figured he would say not to until I lose some more weight. Well that didn't happen at all! Not being on any medications, no smoking and rarely drinking he said I was young and healthy. He said being over weight might make it a tough pregnancy but with my recent loss of 25 pounds I will be fine. He said he has helped people get pregnant that were way heavier than me. It's just getting pregnant that seems to not be working for me. He told me that I definatly am ovulating. That if I wasn't I wouldn't be getting my period regularly like I have been. (I wasn't in the past-now I get it every month and a half-which he says is good). Plus he said basil body temperature readings are never accurate. He wishes he could get them to stop selling the thermometers so his patients will stop worrying. So he told me forget about that stuff. Then we had "The Sex Talk" (no mom not like the birds and the bees one we had). Basically he wanted to know how much were we having when we were REALLY trying? On average I said about once a week. There were times when it was about 2xs but more the 1. He said well if you want to get pregnant you need to be having it 2x's a week or more. Your body will ovulate and the egg will stay in you for 3 days. If you don't have sex while it's there, no baby. OK so I knew about the egg but I never thought of it that way. See in school we learned about abstinence and condoms. Plus watched a woman give birth. They always pushed the abstinence but if you decided you are ready go on birth control and use a condom. They had the fear in me so I always used both! I just figured (coming from a family of 6 siblings) that it would happen if I didn't use any of that. Cause ya see, my mom only had sex 7 times and that's how we are here...lalalalala I cant hear you <----me holding my hands over my ears if my mom tries to say anything more. So I also said that it just seems weird that nothing has happened in 2 years.That with that many attempts you would think we might have gotten it right once. Then he asked me some questions pertaining to something I could have that I can't remember (brain fart) what it's called...oh yeah
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS-which my mom had mentioned to me before). Being over weight, irregular periods and the recent hair growth on my chin makes it possible that I have that. But he is not too concerned because he said if I do have that I can still get pregnant because I am getting my periods which means I am ovulating. Where there are those that have PCOS that get theirs maybe once every 3-6 months or not at all. So I have a script for a pelvic sonogram and bloods tests. He told me not to worry about any of that. He said he wouldn't see me for a year unless there is something wrong with my tests and he hopes he only sees me before a year because I am pregnant. Then he said, "Go home and get you some sex!" Those were his exact words! So I get home (Dave's in the bathroom) and put everything on the kitchen table and sat in the living room with the girls. Dave comes out and starts laughing? I go over and ask," What's up?" and he hands me one of the scripts. Turns out silly Dr. F had snuck in an extra one saying,"Sex at least twice a week!" It was written out to Lindsy & Dave...I wondered why he asked me what my husbands name was? So is it wrong for me to say I have the coolest OB/

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