Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Not this time....

I had a huge temp drop this morning (from 97.8 yesterday to 97.1 today) and was covered in sweat this morning! It was really weird! I think such a huge temp drop did it. must be on her way!
It's weird because when I went to the bathroom and found a little pink I wasn't sad at all. The first thought was...Wow I really ovulated on my own!!!!
So af should be here sometime throughout the day. I had some heads up yesterday with a but load of gas (lol) and cramping...Then last night I had some cravings to make chocolate chip cookies....I cut back on my carbs so that is a no no!
So the plan is as soon as af starts I will start clomid on cd 5-9. Please pray that I ovulate and we catch that eggie!!!

Friday, August 18, 2006
Letter to Clomid

Dear Clomiphene,

Well here you are for a second time in my house. I thought I'd tell you a about the rollercoaster our TTC adventure has been in this time
Ever since I was young I loved kids. I was old enough to be a motherly type when my youngest brother came into the world. I immediatly fell in love and tried to be a little helper to my mom as much as I could steal him away from her. It was then I decided I really wanted to be a mom when I grew up. I even told my mom I would have 100! Until then I figured becoming the neighborhood baby sitter would have to suffice. I surrounded myself with kids. Then I decided to be a chef for awhile. I enjoyed it but it didn't fill that empty void. So I left that job for a lower paying job at a daycare that made me much happier inside. I did that until 2002 when my bf proposed and not too long after asked me to stay home with his 3 y/o dd from a previous marriage. I accepted happily.
Well in early 2003 we decided that on our wedding night7/5/03 we'd start trying to make a baby. So I went and had my yearly visit with my obgyn for a pre conception appointment. We discussed everything about my irregular periods to our dreams of making a baby together and how to go about doing that. I was given the OK and to have fun!
That was 2 years of my life......Then I got a new OBGYN in 2005 and my concerns were answered. I was diagnosed with PCOS. For many PCOS sufferes Insulin Resistane (IRS) is also coupled with it. Given my past with irregular periods he thinks I was born with it or developed it during puberty. I was put on 1000mg of metformin daily in 9/2005 . He also sent my dh in for a SA abnd he came back normnal. Thank God becuase that would have made it even harder. 6 months later my obgyn brought me back in to see how that was going. Not much ovulating going on there. So he sent me in for a HSG and my tubes are clear. I did 1 round of clomid and you helped me ovulate that month but no bfp. Since then I have ovulated twice on my own and used provera to induce af twice. I went back in for my yearly in July and saw a different doctor who works under mine. Dr. Jen Phillips is awesome!!! She gave me prescriptions for 6 more rounds of 100mgs of clomid and 4 rounds of prometrium (back up in case I don't ovulate).

Looks like I wont be needing the prometrium this round!!! I am currently 11 days past ovulation. I ovulated with only metformin! Maybe it's alctually working now! So if this cycle doesnt end in a bfp I will be taking you again.
So I have you caught up. I just thought you would like to know a little about how much I am relying on you. No pressure or anything. But I am praying that with you and God on my side this will be it for us! I undertsand that maybe you need a few months to help me develope that perfect egg. But please with Gods help I am begging you to bring our little miracle to us. Like I said no pressure. OK so I am lying...LOTS of pressure! I know that all you can do is do the ovulation part. The rest is up to my body. I am so praying that with Gods help this all will work together.


Monday, August 14, 2006
I did it!!!!

I just wanted to share that I ovulated on my own this month!! I havn't ovulated since January after my hsg!!!! Of course there will be no bfp because we were away at the cabin so we couldn't catch the eggie. But I am sooo excited I ovulated!!!!! It's great to have it happen before the clomid months begin. I should know when af will arrive.......I have known since 7/7/06 but my chart has given me a ovulation dates in the past nd taken it back. But now I am far enough plus showing signs of bbs are on fire veins sticking out all over. This happened in December around the same time after ovulation. I am so excited! I know that you may think I am a weirdo for being this excited and I should save it for a bfp but not ovulating in so long is something to celebrate!!! Fellow cysters know what I mean! Yay!!!!
I will be filling my clomid this Friday!

Friday, August 11, 2006
CD 32

Not much going on in the TTC world.
According to FF I ovulated sometime on Monday. Only time will tell (the normal 16 days I get of temps above their coverline) if it's true. I know this will not be a result in a bfp....tmi but dh' would have to have some super dudes to last 6 days. With going away this past weekend and all the planning, packing and shopping before hand we were too zonked to bd. Monday the actual trip caught up with us and we actually were asleep by 10 pm! So needless to say I will party even if I just ovualted on my own! That is something ot be excited about when you have PCOS!!!
DH thinks I am pregnant. Since Tuesday I have been nauseous and have bowel issues. But I think I just had a bug. Then the last 2 days anything dairy smells sour to me. Even the creamer that I bought last night and opened fresh this morning to make his coffee. I made him a bagel and the same with the cream cheese. I made his lunch and put cheese on it and ewww that reeked! The only reason he knew was because I made him and Kaila smell them to make sure it wasn't just was. He poured me a small cup of coffee and put some of his caramel creamer in it and I couldn't drink it because I could smell the sour before it got to my face...ugh! But this happens to me once in awhile so it's just my snot locker acting!
So I was telling my friend that my obgyn told me I can take the prometrium between cd 30-60...whenever I feel it's time. But I have had this nagging feeling in the back of my mind telling me not to. So my friend said, "Always listen to that inner voice." So I am listening to this very smart women and myself voices in my head :0)
So the plan of attack is as follows: I will fill my clomid by next weekend in case I really did ovulate. So if I did I should be taking the clomid by the end of the month.
It's funny cause this was not part of the original plan. The original plan was September. I guess I can be OK with the plans changing in this!
But I am not going to put much into thinking it really happened. I still have to keep my guard up...last time I thought I ovulated and you'd think I was hoping I was pregnant and turned out I wasn't. It's so hard to hide the hope from yourself.
I really didn't want to have to take the clomid. I am so stubborn about it. I also don't like how it makes me feel. When I took it in December I was fine...the next 2 cycles without it sucked! I lost my labido and dried up. I was so not in the mood to bd. Now ok what's the point of taking something that will help you ovulate if your body stops making the fertile cm you need? I got some Femglide to make up for that but what is there to get my hormones back? UGH! Infertility sucks! But I will beat this!!! I will get pregnant! I will over poser this PCOS! It wil not beat me!

Monday, August 07, 2006
Congrats Brett and Courtney!!!

I just wanted to announce the pregnancy of a fellow cyster Courtney!!!
It always makes me so excited to hear of a fellow pcos-er TTC-ing and getting their bfp!!! It gives me so much hope!
Congrats and I hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
PCOS and Insulin Resistance

PCOS is associated with Insulin Resistance which affects the body's glucose levels resulting in Chronic Fatigue and Insulin Resistance, a pre-curser of Diabetes.
I know that I have someof the symptoms of the above....there are some days that if I don't follow a specific plan (Thank you Kerri!) I seriously get light headed and have blurred vision. I mentioned this to my doctor and my tests all came back normal last year so she believes it's just from the PCOS. I will have a physical with my regualar doctor next month so she suggested getting my sugar levels tested then. My wonderful interent friend Christy suggested Byetta. Her OBGYN put her on it to help her (along with metformin) Insulin Resistance that came along with PCOS. So I will be mentioning that to my primary when I see him next month. Until then I think I may try what I found below to get me by.

Here's an article I found on using reg cinnamon to reduce insulin levels, so I might try it & see if it works. I love the taste of cinnamon already!
Spoonful of cinnamon may help insulin go into cellsBy Suzanne RostlerNEW YORK, Aug 24 (Reuters Health) - People with type 2 diabetes may improve their ability to regulate their blood sugar by adding a little spice to their life, researchers report.In preliminary findings, cinnamon helped fat cells recognize and respond to insulin, the hormone that removes excess glucose (sugar) from the blood and deposits it into cells. In a test tube and in animal studies, the spice appeared to increase glucose metabolism by about 20 times, according to Dr. Richard A. Anderson, lead scientist at the Beltsville, Maryland-based Human Nutrition Research Center, a branch of the US Department of Agriculture."This is a very good means of improving blood sugar with minimal means and minimal cost," he told Reuters Health. "This could help millions and millions of people."The majority of the more than 16 million Americans who suffer from diabetes have type 2 diabetes--a disease in which the cells fail to recognize insulin. As a result, the amount of sugar in the blood remains high, leading to fatigue and blurred vision. Over the long term, excess blood glucose can increase the risk of heart attack, kidney failure and blindness.Diabetes is the seventh-leading cause of death in the US, according to the American Diabetes Association.Anderson explained that his mostly unpublished research shows that a compound in cinnamon--methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (MHCP)--makes fat cells more responsive to insulin by activating the enzyme that causes insulin to bind to cells and inhibiting the enzyme that blocks this process."What you have is a highly effective system," Anderson said.While it is too soon to recommend the spice as a regular treatment for type 2 diabetes, Anderson said patients could try adding 1/4 - 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to their food."The worst that will happen is it won't do any good and the best is that it will help dramatically," he stated.Clinical trials using a cinnamon extract on humans are due to begin in 6 months, Anderson noted.Type 2 diabetes is most often diagnosed in adults over 45 who are overweight. An increasing number of children and teenagers around the world are developing the disease due to increasing rates of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. More information on the disease is available at the American Diabetes Association Web site

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