Monday, June 06, 2011
Wow it's been a long time!

I am so sorry. I am sure I have no readers by now. I read some blogs and I even tried the vlogging world but I just can't keep up with that. I found some awesome vlogs while I was out there so I plan on keeping up with them. So lets see what's new? Not much in the TTC department. Still no baby. I was diagnosed with a fibroid this past April and very anemic due to the bleeding. They wanted me to have a hysterectomy. Yay! Yeah no sorry not happening. I went home and did my own research and found that they are caused by high estrogen levels. From there I read you can level that out with progesterone cream. Well I already had a tub of that because I had started using it again that cycle but you are suppose to stop when aunt flow visits so 2 weeks into the cycle that's when I thought she had come so I stopped. Little did I know it was the fibroid making me create blood to keep the fibroid alive. I started the cream right after I read that. After 6 days of applying it 2 times a day the crazy bleeding I had been going through for 2.5 weeks stopped. During that time I had also found something called Fibrovan. This magic pill promised to shrink my fibroid. I figured the progesterone cream would level out the estrogen but I didn't know if that would get rid of the fibroid. So I ordered the Fibrovan after I had been on the cream for 4 days. Within 2 days of taking it my energy level skyrocketed and I feel so much better. I don't know anything yet on whether it has shrunk it. I just know that I don't feel like I am being weighed down in my uterus other than an occasional bloated feeling. It also makes me pee a lot and have heart burn. BUT that is a given if you read about how it shrinks it. It sends waste removal fluids to it to remove it through your bladder. I just keep hoping and praying it's working! It can take 4-6 months. In the meantime I hope it ups my fertility and a miracle will happen! Fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Update on life and back to school

I know it's been awhile that's for sure. I haven't really posted much about what has been going on in my life.IT has gotten even busier than usual. Back in January 2008 I decided to start looking into going back to school for Early Childcare. Since I work from home it needed to be something I could do in between being involved in Kaila's school, the kids in my care, keeping up with the house and my husband joining a volunteer fireman's hall which requires many nights of him being away for training. So after researching some accredited online schools I decided on Kaplan University. I already had known of Kaplan through my high school because they offered SAT prep classes.I looked into making sure they were an accredited school so I would be able to use my degree in my state. So at the end of January I started my journey to receive my Associate of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (ASIS) with early childhood development emphasis- which mean Early Childcare Associates degree. I figured it was time to get the education to back me up since I have been working in this field for 10 years now. From there I will be halfway to my bachelors degree! I would be graduating this summer but things came up with my daughter where she needed some extra one on one with me so I only did 1 semester and then took off till this past Septemeber. I am now in my 3rd semester still maintaining a 4.0. I was asked to join their honors program before my 3rd semester started. I declined because I bust my butt to get the 4.0 that I do have. All my free time goes to homework . I try and get as much done during the week so I can free up as much free time for Kaila on the weekend. Right now I am trying to still be able to get my schedule done for the kids in my care daily. Right now I just have a 2.5 year old and a 1 year old but I will be up to 2 infants this summer. I am super excited for this but fear that I wont be able to keep up with my house work along with my daily chores. I am hoping to get everything under control before the summer so any advice anyone has I would greatly appreciate it!~

Thursday, January 08, 2009
Wow prices have gone up!

Oh my goodness! So I have a top entry litter box...I am still loving it! But anyway sometimes the boys will accidentally step on their business (when my husband slacks on the scooping front) and then they get on the top and well they leave brown smudges. So anyway I always wipe it down with a baby wipe and then spray it with Lysol. So to get back to my "Oh My Goodness" I had to buy Lysol today and boy oh boy has that price gone up! I went to Target and it was $4.99 for a small bottle. I went to Walmart and it was only 10 cents cheaper! I havnt had to buy any in a long time because when Dave closed down that sock shipping business in 2006 they told him he could keep whatever was left in the warehouse and among all the stuff he brought home were 2 huge bottles of Lysol (these ones were twice the size as the one I just bought) and now I am! I use that stuff in my garbage can and the litter box all the time or even where someone sneezes....... Yikes he brought home 4 huge bottle of toilet cleaner (they always bought in bulk) I hope that hasnt gone up as much when I run out!

Thursday, December 04, 2008
My Crazy Kittens!!!

I decided to shower before heading downstairs today. Zippo (20 weeks old) and Pediddle (17 weeks old) love being in there because of the warmth so I left the door open a crack instead of hearing them whine at the closed door. I was at the end of my showering and I saw a black kitten sitting on the rim of the tub poking his head in. Then he put his paw in to touch the water and he fell in. Instead of freaking out he laid back and started cleaning his belly while the water ran on him. I was shooting water at him trying to scoot him out before he freaked and climbed up me. So then Pediddle came to the rim of the tub and poked his head in. He jumped in and they thought it was time to play. Splashing water and rolling all over the tub. I got out and closed the bathroom door so I wouldn't have 2 wet kittens running through my house. I dried off and then had to dry them off. So then I came down to 3 broken Christmas ball ornaments (which stepping on broken glass is how I found that out) a few other ones scattered around, the bottom of my tree hanging down and a chewed on candy cane. So I was examining the kittens for any possible cuts, cleaning out my foot and vacuuming. While I was vacuuming (or it could have been when I was on the phone) they destroyed a roll of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. I thought I had closed the door but it must not have latched all the way. They both were cuddled up on the toilet seat (where they had some of the toilet paper to lay on) and I swear they were smiling at me! I smacked them lightly on their butts and said no! Zippo ran off yelling at me (or talking back) and Pediddle stayed rubbing against my legs apologizing. So now I can finally start my homework while they sleep downstairs on the couch dreaming about all the fun they had today.....or what is to come!


Monday, September 08, 2008
Cute things on the Amelia front....

Amelia came running into the kitchen while I was cleaning breakfast dishes this morning screaming there was a snake in the house! I kept reassuring her that we don't have snakes. She said, "Yes Aunt Lindsy scary snakes! Come on!" She pulled me to the living room and showed me and it just was Ninja's black tail slithering out from under the buffet table. I showed her it was Ninja but she said, "Ninja has a snake and a Itsy Bitsy Spider!" Then she sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider and ended it really loud with " I will never see the spider again!" Now she wont go in the living room without me.
So I decided we should go for a walk. We had been walking and chatting for a good 30 minutes and I wiped out on the sidewalk...technically I did a split with one leg and caught myself with my one hand and knee. II imagine it looking like I was break dancing. There was a wet spot that was really slimy green and down I went. I only got a small scratch on my knee. I was soaked all along my left leg, butt and mud dripping down. When I fell Amelia peered around the stroller and asked, "Are you Ok Lindsy?" I said, "Oh yeah, just muddy." She blew me a kiss and said "Ok we go to the hospitable now!" LOL!
Then we came into the house and I cleaned up. She decided we were going to play McDonalds. I pretended I spilled my drink and she started singing, " Hush Little Baby dont cry about milk, go to sleep, I love you!"

I swear I dont know how I get through the day without peeing my pants!

Thursday, June 26, 2008
Wow it's been awhile!

Sorry that I fell off the face of blogging for awhile there. Having my niece during the week for the last 1.5 years has kept me distracted. She really keeps us busy and entertained these days!
Anyhow what's up with us and TTC?
Well we basically took off from clomid and metformin since last summer. I didn't have insurance for a bit there so that wouldn't have been good. I wasn't temping or anything that would possibly stress us out. Just basically shrugging everything off and letting nature take its course. Well we gave it our all and nadda. Thisn year I have stopped cooking, eating and drinking from certain plastics and I have been buying whatever I can organically and boom I got AF more this year than I ever have. So I am definitely sticking with that. I also switched to Bare Minerals makeup and my face is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I have the normal break outs but before Bare Minerals I looked like a teenager going through puberty.
Today I had my yearly exam and talked a lot with my doctor. She shared something with me that I didn't know...she also has PCOS! Plus she recently had a baby! I didn't go last year to my yearly because I didn't have insurance so I would have known if I went. They tried for 1 year..nothing, then she was diagnosed and tried the met and clomid route for a year. Then for another 18 months they did monitored clomid rounds, then monitored injectables and in the end they got pregnant picking the strongest sperm and biggest egg and having it all put back in (not IVF) and boom her baby miracle occurred. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had the same insurance I have and they covered 2 rounds of what she ended up getting pregnant doing! As soon as she heard what insurance I had we went to the computer and she looked into my insurance and they do! She hugged me and was so excited! I was so excited I wanted to cry! <--- honestly while we were talking and she was telling her story we both were getting teary eyed. I am again typing this! Then she showed me her picture of the sweetest baby girl and I had 2 tears stream down and goose bumps! I think it was the shock that I didn't even know my doctor had PCOS, (no wonder she has been like a cheerleader for me!) my insurance will help AND she got pregnant, all in one! Soooo looks like there are other possibilities. I really had given up on the thought of anything like injectables and everything else because insurance companies never wanted to help you get pregnant.
OK now back down from that happiness high...we sat down and discussed a plan. I had been off metformin for a year so she said get right back on and into your system. I also gained back the 15 pounds I had lost being on it so she said definitely get that off. Which wont be too hard if it goes like last time I was on it that will come off in the first month along with all the walking/ lifting weights I am doing. I am on CD 47 so she gave me provera to bring that on but she wants me to hold off in case it comes on its own. We will be going on vacation Jul 12-19th so she said start it when we get back, If it isn't brought on by the metformin possibly helping me ovulate. She asked me about my PCOS symptoms. I explained how my uterus feels so heavy sometimes that it weighs down on my bladder, plus my ovaries have been giving me sharp pains a lot more than normal. She said unfortunately there wasn't anything she could do for the heavy feeling but she could give me birth control to help with the ovaries. That right there threw me for a loop! She knew I was trying to get pregnant. She said before I do the infertility specialist (which they wouldn't really want to do much with clomid till the metformin was in my system and that can take up to 6 months) they would check my ovaries and if there were a lot of cysts they would put me on birth control possibly for up to 3 months to reduce the cyst sizes or get rid of them. Why delay everything even longer and start it now? So she gave me 3 months worth right there in the office. So I will start that after Provera (or whenever it comes) brings on AF. So 3 months from now we will be heading down a new path of TTC and we have no clue what that is yet, but it is exciting! I had given up all hope. I went in there a little defensive figuring they were going to try and talk me into doing more clomid or just hand me off to an Infertility Specialist and slam the door behind me.
Dave and I have been talking about adoption a lot lately. That is till in the picture but my doctor made me realize something. I am still young enough to have hope! What if we give up and just go it naturally while we are adopting and nothing happens. Then when I am 37 we finally go to a specialist and the tests come back and it's too late? Then we would be kicking ourselves. So I am willing to give it all I have, as long as my insurance company is willing. Why not? I used to think I didn't want to know if I couldn't get pregnant but she really made me see that either way there could be regret and the thought of possibly missing out saddened me more.
So all I need now is to be able to call her once a month and tell me this all over again when I am needing a!
So looks like I will be popping metformin and birth control pills. We are so not looking forward to my moodiness on those suckers.....
So our homework for the next 3.5 months is to get as much weight off as we can and keep moving. Sounds easy especially since it's summer! So please keep us in your prayers :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008
My goofballs!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
The Cutest Snowbunny!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007
Can I.....

Trade her in for a boy? Yikes! She is all over the place these days with her moods! Sometimes it is just so hard not to laugh.....
Kaila asked me to go over her study sheet for her Science test tomorrow. Now these are all vocab words from the beginning of the year till now. She has taken tests and gotten from 85-100 on all of these. Some of them I still know by heart from her last test! So I am asking the ones on the first page and she gets them all right. She is psyched! Then we get to the second page and she starts getting some wrong. Me I am just asking away nicely and putting checks next to them as she gets them wrong. I have her write them out 2 times each. We do this for every test. It has always helped her for the test. As I am checking them wrong the more she slopes in her seat and the worse her mood gets. She starts answering me quietly where I have to ask her to repeat herself. I ask her ecosystem...which has been on the last 3 tests! She sits there thinking for 3 minutes. So I tell her the answer and she yells, "You didn't give me enough time! I was about to say that!" I gently hand her back the paper and say nicely " I am not helping you when you get this way." She whines, "But I need your help!" I say calmly back, "You wouldn't help me if I was snapping at you. When you get like this you just sit there and it doesn't get any studying done. Plus I told myself I wasn't going to help you anymore if you aren't trying. All it does is get me upset and we don't get anywhere but arguing like this. " She snaps back, "I am trying!" I said nicely," Kaila you aren't putting your all into it like you were in the beginning. Now you have a sulk, poor me attitude and we aren't going to get anything done when you are like this." Now she is crying and begging, "Please mom help me!" I said," I will help you when you calm yourself down and look over your notes some more." So I leave to get my jammies on. I walk by the study desk (my scrapbook desk) and she is sitting there balling her eyes out and letting buggers go all over the paper. I go in, give her a hug, and tell her to go blow her nose, splash some water on her face, put her jammies on, brush her teeth, calm herself down and look over the notes and I will be in. So she is loudly like I took her favorite toys away while she gets dressed. I don't understand. I hope this cry is what she needs so we can move on to studying. Ugh! So hormonal and dramatic! I am so sorry mom if I ever put you through this. Where oh where is my sweet,bouncy, lovable Kaila today? Can the wacky hormones level back out so we can get back to normal please?

Lets start the day with almost calling an Amber Alert!

So Dave and I were hanging out making a late breakfast this morning when we got a call from Kaila's school. They were asking if she was absent today? Dave said no...I said I watched her walk and get on the bus. So they put us on hold. Me, I ran outside doubting what my eyes saw. I looked at the ground and saw her foot prints in the fresh fallen snow walking down the street and disappear where the bus would have picked her up. Then I came back upstairs and Dave was making his scrambled eggs. I asked what was up he said they got disconnected! So I was all in a panic and Dave said, "Just relax." Yeah someone telling you that doesn't help. Then the phone rings and he practically knocks me over so he can get to it first...yeah he was relaxing! Then he hangs up. Turns out Kaila took forever to eat her breakfast (I let her eat breakfast once a week there-today was milk, jelly bagel and fruit) so she went straight to her music class instead of going to homeroom. They get 40 minutes to eat! She has been eating slow as molasses these days. Last night it took her an hour to eat half a BBQ cube steak, 2 tbs sweet potatoes and 2 tbs spinach (my no thank you helping). All food that she enjoys. Figures...her slow eating is gonna kill me some day!

Thursday, November 22, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving
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Sunday, November 18, 2007
Happy Early Thanksgiving for Us!

This year one of my brothers flew in from CA. We only see them if someone is getting married in the family. Since my youngest sister (I have 3 sister-1 older 2 younger than me) is between boyfriends and all 3 brothers (all younger than me) aren't in serious relationships the only way they would visitis if someone gets married or there is a death in the family. We pray that isn't any time soon, that's for sure. Since it has been 2 years since the last wedding he decided he should come for a visit. He leaves Monday so we are having our Thanksgiving on my side today! Yesterday I spent the day making an apple pie, dutch apple pie, and sweet potato casserole. I dropped them off at my sisters last night. Today Kaila and I peeled 8 pounds of potatoes and soon I will mash and bring on over to the yummy feast! I usually am in charge of green bean casserole but I passed that on to my youngest sister this year. So this year we get to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners! Oh boy I can feal my pants gettign tighter thinking of!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I made a cinnamon raisin swirl bread in my bread machine. I basically follow my favorite cinnamon roll recipe...throw everything into the bread machine that is just for the dough. Then when the last knead cycle is done I take out the dough (leaving the machine where it is in the cycle) roll out the dough in a rectangle, put in the fillings from my recipe and roll it all up tight like you normally do but don't cut it. Roll it into a tight ball making sure all the ends are sealed. Then take out the kneading paddle from the machine and plop it back in. That's usually a rise cycle and it doubles in size. We usually snack on it the afternoon I make it and then have french toast with it the next morning. YUM! This time it almost popped out of the machine!

Hailing already?

Why are there 2 of these on here?

But not in my post when I got check....

Baby K

Kaila helped pick out what paper she wanted and die cuts....I think it turned out nice.

Ladiebug Lane

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