Thursday, June 26, 2008
Wow it's been awhile!

Sorry that I fell off the face of blogging for awhile there. Having my niece during the week for the last 1.5 years has kept me distracted. She really keeps us busy and entertained these days!
Anyhow what's up with us and TTC?
Well we basically took off from clomid and metformin since last summer. I didn't have insurance for a bit there so that wouldn't have been good. I wasn't temping or anything that would possibly stress us out. Just basically shrugging everything off and letting nature take its course. Well we gave it our all and nadda. Thisn year I have stopped cooking, eating and drinking from certain plastics and I have been buying whatever I can organically and boom I got AF more this year than I ever have. So I am definitely sticking with that. I also switched to Bare Minerals makeup and my face is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I have the normal break outs but before Bare Minerals I looked like a teenager going through puberty.
Today I had my yearly exam and talked a lot with my doctor. She shared something with me that I didn't know...she also has PCOS! Plus she recently had a baby! I didn't go last year to my yearly because I didn't have insurance so I would have known if I went. They tried for 1 year..nothing, then she was diagnosed and tried the met and clomid route for a year. Then for another 18 months they did monitored clomid rounds, then monitored injectables and in the end they got pregnant picking the strongest sperm and biggest egg and having it all put back in (not IVF) and boom her baby miracle occurred. Then she proceeded to tell me that she had the same insurance I have and they covered 2 rounds of what she ended up getting pregnant doing! As soon as she heard what insurance I had we went to the computer and she looked into my insurance and they do! She hugged me and was so excited! I was so excited I wanted to cry! <--- honestly while we were talking and she was telling her story we both were getting teary eyed. I am again typing this! Then she showed me her picture of the sweetest baby girl and I had 2 tears stream down and goose bumps! I think it was the shock that I didn't even know my doctor had PCOS, (no wonder she has been like a cheerleader for me!) my insurance will help AND she got pregnant, all in one! Soooo looks like there are other possibilities. I really had given up on the thought of anything like injectables and everything else because insurance companies never wanted to help you get pregnant.
OK now back down from that happiness high...we sat down and discussed a plan. I had been off metformin for a year so she said get right back on and into your system. I also gained back the 15 pounds I had lost being on it so she said definitely get that off. Which wont be too hard if it goes like last time I was on it that will come off in the first month along with all the walking/ lifting weights I am doing. I am on CD 47 so she gave me provera to bring that on but she wants me to hold off in case it comes on its own. We will be going on vacation Jul 12-19th so she said start it when we get back, If it isn't brought on by the metformin possibly helping me ovulate. She asked me about my PCOS symptoms. I explained how my uterus feels so heavy sometimes that it weighs down on my bladder, plus my ovaries have been giving me sharp pains a lot more than normal. She said unfortunately there wasn't anything she could do for the heavy feeling but she could give me birth control to help with the ovaries. That right there threw me for a loop! She knew I was trying to get pregnant. She said before I do the infertility specialist (which they wouldn't really want to do much with clomid till the metformin was in my system and that can take up to 6 months) they would check my ovaries and if there were a lot of cysts they would put me on birth control possibly for up to 3 months to reduce the cyst sizes or get rid of them. Why delay everything even longer and start it now? So she gave me 3 months worth right there in the office. So I will start that after Provera (or whenever it comes) brings on AF. So 3 months from now we will be heading down a new path of TTC and we have no clue what that is yet, but it is exciting! I had given up all hope. I went in there a little defensive figuring they were going to try and talk me into doing more clomid or just hand me off to an Infertility Specialist and slam the door behind me.
Dave and I have been talking about adoption a lot lately. That is till in the picture but my doctor made me realize something. I am still young enough to have hope! What if we give up and just go it naturally while we are adopting and nothing happens. Then when I am 37 we finally go to a specialist and the tests come back and it's too late? Then we would be kicking ourselves. So I am willing to give it all I have, as long as my insurance company is willing. Why not? I used to think I didn't want to know if I couldn't get pregnant but she really made me see that either way there could be regret and the thought of possibly missing out saddened me more.
So all I need now is to be able to call her once a month and tell me this all over again when I am needing a!
So looks like I will be popping metformin and birth control pills. We are so not looking forward to my moodiness on those suckers.....
So our homework for the next 3.5 months is to get as much weight off as we can and keep moving. Sounds easy especially since it's summer! So please keep us in your prayers :)

Blogger Courtney had this to say:

That is so exciting!!!! Good luck!


Blogger Kerri had this to say:

HORRAY thats just awesome! I'm so haapy for you!


Blogger Courtney had this to say:

Any updates?


Blogger Miss 1999 had this to say:

You're definitely in my prayers-- I know that you time will come, soon! *hugs*


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