Thursday, January 08, 2009
Wow prices have gone up!

Oh my goodness! So I have a top entry litter box...I am still loving it! But anyway sometimes the boys will accidentally step on their business (when my husband slacks on the scooping front) and then they get on the top and well they leave brown smudges. So anyway I always wipe it down with a baby wipe and then spray it with Lysol. So to get back to my "Oh My Goodness" I had to buy Lysol today and boy oh boy has that price gone up! I went to Target and it was $4.99 for a small bottle. I went to Walmart and it was only 10 cents cheaper! I havnt had to buy any in a long time because when Dave closed down that sock shipping business in 2006 they told him he could keep whatever was left in the warehouse and among all the stuff he brought home were 2 huge bottles of Lysol (these ones were twice the size as the one I just bought) and now I am! I use that stuff in my garbage can and the litter box all the time or even where someone sneezes....... Yikes he brought home 4 huge bottle of toilet cleaner (they always bought in bulk) I hope that hasnt gone up as much when I run out!


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