Sunday, November 18, 2007
Happy Early Thanksgiving for Us!

This year one of my brothers flew in from CA. We only see them if someone is getting married in the family. Since my youngest sister (I have 3 sister-1 older 2 younger than me) is between boyfriends and all 3 brothers (all younger than me) aren't in serious relationships the only way they would visitis if someone gets married or there is a death in the family. We pray that isn't any time soon, that's for sure. Since it has been 2 years since the last wedding he decided he should come for a visit. He leaves Monday so we are having our Thanksgiving on my side today! Yesterday I spent the day making an apple pie, dutch apple pie, and sweet potato casserole. I dropped them off at my sisters last night. Today Kaila and I peeled 8 pounds of potatoes and soon I will mash and bring on over to the yummy feast! I usually am in charge of green bean casserole but I passed that on to my youngest sister this year. So this year we get to eat 2 Thanksgiving dinners! Oh boy I can feal my pants gettign tighter thinking of!


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